Retro Gaming - Rail Rush (Android y PC) ¡The Indiana Jones of 2013!🎮

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Hello to all my people after such a long time absent, here I am again doing what I do best and giving them some of my work, today I will present a video game called "RAIL RUSH" this excellent video game deserves all the meditations since it counts With great skills, it was published on January 29, 2013 by the teacher David Girao, after its launch it had a great receptivity on the part of its users and causing a great impact on the world of video games.



historia ingless.jpg

RAIL RUSH does not have a very specific story but it is based on the scene of the great Indiana Jones movie, this magnificent video game will allow us to take control of the rail car, but not only that, we will have to go through different levels full of obstacles and items that go from gold rubies and rock eggs, with the sole purpose of reaching the last one, overcoming all obstacles that cross our path. Without a doubt, RAIL RUSH is a challenge.

historia 3333.jpg


graficos ingles.jpg

RAIL RUSH graphics are totally acceptable and are excellently crafted offering a completely three-dimensional environment with flashes and shadows that are almost perfect, giving us a reaction of an animation within a character inside a cave, its graphics and its soundtrack are no doubt They play a very important role in this video game.

sonido ingles.jpg

RAIL RUSH has a very entertaining soundtrack, ranging from jazz sounds to electrifying sounds that gives us a feeling of being inside a cavern on a high-speed rail, the bottom tracks are accompanied by sounds such as voices, screams , sounds of landslides and many other things that will make our hair stand on end and accelerate our hearts without a doubt.

jugabilidad ingles.jpg

As for the RAIL RUSH gameplay, it is very easy to handle the main character, since in the whole adventure we will be inside a cart sliding down rails at full speed, which is very fun and addictive at the same time, even if it seems boring , after you play it it is usually very addictive

We have to overcome each and every obstacle very carefully, and try to collect the maximum amount of items we can. Note: as we advance in level, small railroad increases speed, making the levels of this fun game more and more difficult

During the great adventure we will go through 9 different levels, which will offer us different obstacles and different items to collect, among the levels we will find a level of steam factory, a level of the sweet wonderland, a level of an underwater world , another from the Amazon rainforest, land of terror, Jurassic Jungle, crazy caves and the tomb of the Pharaoh

Throughout the venture we can also recruit heroes and create a team to get the most out of it and finish each level more easily. Note: in my personal case I love this form of play, since it gives me great satisfaction when playing it in different ways and using different strategies

In short, the objective of this videogame is to collect the maximum amount of items, overcome all obstacles and reach the end. Guys I assure you that this video game will fascinate you, since it is very fun and addictive at the same time.

resumen ingles.jpg

In my personal opinion I think that RAIL RUSH is one of the most addictive video games both for PC and Android as it offers us a magnificent and very dynamic gameplay, all accompanied by a high range of elaborately bine colors. Anyway I think RAIL RUSH is a classic for Android. If they make clip HERE you can download it to your pc totally free.


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