Retro Gaming - Xmas Lemmings (Amiga) ¡Lemmings to the rescue!🎮

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Hello to all Steemiant colleagues, today we present this video game called "Xmas Lemmings" was developed in 1991 by the major companies DMA Design and Psygnosis, mainly was launched for the videogame Commodore Amiga but years later had development for different videogames having a great success and great receptivity from his fans. Xmas Lemmings was for years the favorite game of many since it has a unique gameplay that makes it a very addictive game.



historia ingless.jpg

Xmas Lemmings has a colorful and very emotional story since all the levels of the video game have a theme and a Christmas scenery, all the stages have snow effects, festive lights and a great character that is a lemmings with a Santa costume Claus, the only goal of this character is to guide all his friends to the end of each level to make Christmas full for all the children of the world. Since the lemmings are in charge of delivering gifts around the world.



graficos ingles.jpg

Xmas Lemmings graphics are excellently animated, all its characters have great movements and skills, all have a unique physical appearance but always matching the plot of it, all scenarios are well detailed with a Christmas background full of lights and flash showing a high range of colors that are usually surprising to the human eye. Here I'll show you how the Xmas Lemmings graphics look.

sonido ingles.jpg

The soundtrack and FX FX of Xmas Lemmings are impressive as they have Christmas melodies that are usually rhythmic and slow, depending on the situation or the level we are in, all levels have different tracks but Without losing the essence of the game, FX sounds are great because they offer us sounds like explosions, caudas, landslides, voices and endless sounds that perfectly complement this game. Below I will leave you a video with all its clues so you can enjoy them.

jugabilidad ingles.jpg

The gameplay of Xmas Lemmings is unique if that could be said as the game contains charismatic characters of good size and excellent skills. Note: all the characters have a simple and easy to perform, that means that any newbie could play this video game without any problem

1 bueno.jpg


The video game has a total of 20 long and entertaining levels, all full of obstacles and enemies where we will have to guide a unit of lemmings overcoming any obstacle with the sole objective of reaching the end of each level. Note: it will not be easy since you open to guess or cross each obstacle intelligently

2 bueno.jpg


The great lemmings unit is intelligently trained to perform a series of actions such as: blocking the passage, launching a parachute, building stairs and many other things that we can use as tools to overcome any obstacle. Note: in the game we can also kill the lemmings in case we can not overcome the obstacle

3 bueno.jpg


Note: the characters or the lemmings can easily die by simply falling into the water, falling into a burning lava, falling from a great height, being captured by a big trap or also when they are given the ability to become a bomb, This pump option is used when you need to knock down an annoying obstacle

4 bueno.jpg


Parachute lemmings survive when falling from high altitude, lemmings blockers prevent the passage of other lemmings or any obstacle, builders lemmings are in charge of building ladders to reach any objective or overcome any obstacle, climbing lemmings can climb any vertical surface without any problem.

5 bueno.jpg


resumen ingles.jpg

Nothing more to say Xmas Lemmings is a classic video game console Amiga, as it has a unique and very peculiar gameplay, all its characters have a simple and easy to understand, all scenarios are perfectly animated, full of colors and flashes that make it look very striking, and not to mention the soundtrack as it has melodies that match perfectly with the plot of the game offering classic and rhythmic tracks at the same time. If you have not played it, I recommend it from this moment below, I will leave you a link so you can download the game and enjoy it in the comfort of your home with the company of the most loved ones.

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