How is the food in FARCRY 5?

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Hello everyone! Among all the things that you can find while exploring the map in FARCRY 5, there is plenty of food...




And just in case you want to make it taste better, add some oregano and booze to it :D


Out of oregano? No worries, just go and get some cash


Now you can successfully spend your hard earned money on special cocktails that will give you even a better result than just regular "oregano" :D


Oh yeah, its full of Cheeseburgers as you can see, there are even statues


Or tiny houses


Or toys that look like cheeseburgers...

How to train your puppy (50).jpg

In case you haven't played this game already, you might consider giving it a try. It is a lot of fun and you can go fishing, fly helicopters and planes and much more. You wont be sorry :)



I've been enjoying it, too. Had to fight with it at the start, though. God, that was ridiculous...

With the oregano? JK :D

Nah, my computer doesn't get along with Ubisoft games.

good eat have a nice day follow now wow

It's funny how somehow you do all that while holding a gun. ;)

safety first :D need to protect the goods :P

Everything looks so yummy, and the oregano got me! :D

haha, yeah that oregano really can do magic :D

I see. Do you consumed a lot of oregano during the game? :D

I cant say i havent :D

oregano, is that what they call it these days?

haha yeah, its the new fashion :D