Rendered GTA V 60 FPS Video "Towing And Chasing Scenes"

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My Vid

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I was experimenting with the #Rockstar™ Editor inside the pause menu of the GTA V game and I had put together the scenes from a mini mission of Towing a car and a chase scene involving a bike and a van.

There is nothing much that I can do with the quality of this video but maybe it is because of my laptop's specifications but at least I can play the game which is why I bought a laptop cooler pad because it just really gets so hot the temperature of the NVIDIA 940 MX graphics card soars up to 71 degrees. Heat is something I should worry about because it is the number one killer of anything electronic.

But my laptop is Lenovo so I think it will last considering that this old piece of technology is with me and using it almost everyday but I was not able to use it with resource-hungry applications which is why I was so surprised when the temperature had gotten too uncomfortable to touch.

I said to myself it is no good I have to do something or else I will fry always dependable important utility tool that is very important to me. Anyway I hope that I can make some more videos like these or those that are crazy to watch.

The scenes by the way is just an easy task but I am still struggling with the controls. I haven't encountered using a tow truck and with a working winch but as you can see the hook had hooked itself up like a magnet, maybe because of the programming of being good enough so I am able to raise it up and tow it and carefully driving so that I would not make a mistake.

The chase scene with the van and motorcycle ended-up with a surprising result because while I was chasing the motorbike I was thinking how can a van outdrive a motorcycle? Well you have to see for yourself how t went with just a short chase with the Van against the motorcycle

Enjoy The Show!



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