DCITY is on HIVE, 1000$+ in weekly rewards (Saturday 19 UTC)

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Didn't expect such price action on our move :P but people in crypto are crazy.

To move the game from steem to hive, we broadcasted around 6100 custom jsons, printing NFT(non fungible tokens) representing cards in the game. It took a few hours and nothing bad happened. 0 issues with nodes or anything else.

SIM tokens were airdropped to your account on hive-engine based on your previous balance and from open sell orders. If you had open buy orders, they were filled and STEEMP was refunded, to prevent old token dumps on forgotten buy orders.


Saturday Reward

We did some small trade actions before the price pump and traded 4500 steem from the reward pool into 5700 hive :). Now in less than 24h( Saturday 19 UTC ) the game will distribute more thatn $1000 USD in rewards, if the hive price stays high, the next distribution could be above $1000 too.


Things that changed after this transition:

  • Now you are using the hive blockchain to play the game. Use hive keychain or hivesigner to sign-in.
  • For NFT market prices, use tokens listed on hive-engine - for example SWAP.HIVE for main HIVE, or SIM or other tokens listed on hive-engine
  • You can find hive-engine at https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=SIM
  • Or use leodex at https://dex.leofinance.io/market/SIM
  • https://he.dtools.dev/ - very useful explorer for engine, made by @reazuliqbal
  • you need the new HIVE BEER for BeerFest, and it should be on hive-engine in a few days ( with airdrop based on your balance )
  • If you doing manual transfers for cards instead of using interface, transfer it to dcitycards

Now we can focus on delivering update with new mechanics and assets :)

Game Webpage: https://dcity.io
Game Discord: https://discord.gg/PeCE8S


Hey @dcitygame, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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Well done to @gerber and the all the @dcitygame team for a very smooth and successful transition to HIVE.

Who'd have thought that the price of HIVE would pump so hard on this news? 😁😁🚀

Nice job @gerber as usual with the migration over to Hive...that pump is nice too.

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It seems BEER has not migrated to HE yet!? No BeerFest yet then?

BEER will be on hive-engine in few days :)

Thanks for the great daily work that you do those involved in this Dapp, this was tremendous, I think 0 bugs... someone here is a genius ... I sense a promising future @gerber, dCity is at home! Hive!

Ah, maybe it's time for my Urban Photography contest, now. With at least three buildings a week from me to winners. Some things to try out first...

Congrats on a successful transition! 👊

Just discovered your game. Looking forward to see how it develops. A little animation in the background would make it more fun to look at (smoke, cars moving, etc.)

Congratulations on the smooth move!

Very seamless transition to #hive. Looking forward to rising in the rankings.

And soon we will have !BEER on hive running like a river

Maybe !BEER works already

You cannot sent token to yourself.