Arcanian-WoW Launched and Super Awesome!

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As some of you know I have been playing a bit of WoW, on a private server. I also happen to be one of the GM's on this server. So here is our little note out to you all, it is a bit late but I wanted to tell you have awesome the server is already.

So far we are preparing for the raid launches: We would like to inform you of the opening of Naxxramas raid as of 18 December 2019. If you are ready to raid, grab a group and go kill some bosses!

You will be notified when Eye of Eternity will be opened in the near future.

There is cross factions, meaning that both horde and alliance can raid together.

Player base is growing daily so be the first to join to get ahead! There are also great things in store for those who have joined earlier.

Greetings readers,

We at Arcanian-WoW have made a few changes to the plans regarding the launch of 1 December 2019 (8 PM GMT +2). We have listened to the community and asked what they would want. Herewith the following changes and additions:

Instead of only having x1 experience rate available at launch, we will have all experience rates (x1, x3, x5, x7) available with a butler in each starting zone so you can level at the rate you feel like right from the start. As for realm first achievements and those players that care to claim them, we have set the class and racial realm firsts to only be achievable at x1 experience rates. The people who don't worry about RF's are free to level at whatever rate the choose.

All beta characters will still be transferred over to the live realm, but will still be locked until all CLASS / RACIAL realm firsts have been obtained. By class / racial we mean : Realm first: Level 80 Blood Elf Paladin, etc. etc.

A new feature we will implement at the same time as beta characters are unlocked on the live realm, is MIGRATION. We have been asked for this feature and we have decided that we are going to implement the feature. We will also grant 1 free Migration to players from any similar server on any expansion. More on migrations will be explained in a future post.

Our Bug tracker system has been updated and our forums are no longer used with silly standards to report bugs.

I do want to clear up some confusion we have had from players: Our PTE (Progression through expansion) does not mean that we will start with wrath, open cata and close wrath. We will keep all realms / expansions open. However, when we release a new expansion you will be able to transfer your level 80 to cataclysm if you wish to. The same goes for other expansions we are looking into.

With that, I wish you all an awesome day and hope you'd join us soon.


Arcanian Administration.