Play To Earn Blockchain Game Lost Relics Review - 1 Week Playtime

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Hello everyone! this is my first post to hive and I figured what better to write about than my first week playing the blockchain game "Lost Relics"!


Lost Relics is a Runescape/Diablo style dungeon crawler, gearing yourself up to take on a randomly generated dungeon for the chance to possibly take home some blockchain NFT loot! my first week playing has been a lot of fun, the game is in pre-alpha so I am not expecting much. But what it currently has it delivers upon. People will complain about the repetitiveness grinding the same dungeon levels over and over finally waiting for that blockchain drop but for me, it has been eased a tad with two blockchain weapon drops, helping me advance to the next stages with ease.

You can put your gaming skills to the test and try take on these adventures with lower gear, food and potions. But you do risk losing everything you took to the adventure minus any blockchain items you may have taken in with you, those will always be returned to your stash upon death! Of course if you have the funds to invest, and enjoy the game you could always buy weapons from the in-game blockchain market to make your playing experiece all that more fun.

For me though I prefer the old fashioned way of gearing everything myself and hoping the RNG gods are kind to me, so I will show you my week within Lost Relics, enjoy!

Stash Contents - after a full week of playing I amassed myself a total value of 92,900 Gold in items and gold from adventures. As you can also see, I have some colourful items! THREE of which happen to be the ever sought after blockchain items! (Cavalier Crusader, Scorpion Stinger, Royal Candelbra)



Bottom of our Stash tab we can see more numbers, these are "Shadow Stones" these allow us to sell Blockchain items within the game itself via a marketplace. it is a little workaround to the ETH gas fees to withdraw an items in attempt to sell. at the current time 100 SS equates to 1JENJ. JENJ Can be converted back to its native ENJ token for a 1-to-1 Ratio. (Exchanging SS back to JENJ is currently unavailable but in the works. ) From my week of Lost Relics I have a total value of 92.9k Gold and 1486 SS. Meaning 1486 SS equates to $14.86 if I chose to sell at this current time, and for the current market price for my Blockchain items.


The ingame market for Virtual items (non-blockchain) here you will find everything to help you along your adventures if you haven't been graced by the RNG Gods. The next personal goal for myself is to be able to take on 4 Sword dungeons (difficultly level). Currently a struggle, and limited maps to non-members, you can opt to buy Membership Pendants for ingame Gold, a little pricy at the moment due to all the new members joining, but well worth the price I am sure. More adventures to choose from, less chance of burning out, more chance of Blockchain drops! Repeating the same levels consistently can drain your hope for that exclusive drop. There are more features to the pendants, but you can DYOR on them if they interest you! (Milestone rewards also!)



The game also offers Bounties, with tasks to complete taking you back to older dungeons/levels you may not repeat once you are at a certain point, keeping the playing experience fresh. (Pre-Alpha game, in the future there will without a doubt be endless things to keep the playbase entertained, minus hunting our beloved Blockchain drops.) As well as Skills to grind depending on which dungeon you are heading into! the higher most your skills are the more chance you will have at receiving blockchain recourses, which people need to craft and or turn in for Bounties!



Although I haven't played as much as I'd have liked I still found myself getting lucky every few days with a Blockchain drop which was needed for me to progress, as in my Scorpion Stinger. It allowed me to go from 2 Sword Difficulty levels up to 3 just by mainly using my Bow every dungeon confidently without the fear of dying. With enough grinding drops are sure to come increasing your enjoyment and playing experience, on that note I hope you all enjoyed seeing my first week within Lost Relics and my first post. any comments are welcomed, Thank you all and if you choose to try Lost Relics out I hope you enjoy & Goodluck! See you in the Tavern!


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