FREE (!) Red Dead Redemption 2 Anyone?

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Screenshot 2022.11.29 -

Since my usual battle buddy decided to go spastic, I am looking for a posse.
If you got the required hardware and all, I am offering to buy you RDR2 on Steam.
I can pay with HBD and this post will help recover the cost.

Total noob to the game - bought it yesterday.
Offer lasts, while the game is on sale.
Just leave a comment and find me on Discord.

Let's ride as the HIVE posse.


Offer lasts, while the game is on sale.

I checked the Steam page of the game, and currently it is €59.99 EUR. Maybe the discount is valid only for certain regions/countries.

wouldn't matter; I can buy the game here and send you the voucher for it
does it run ok on your hardware?

I checked its system requirements. Probably it would not. There is no 150 GB free space on the SSD of my HP 15s laptop. It would be hard to free up that much space on a 256 GB SSD.

The specifications of my HP 15s laptop:
AMD Ryzen 3 4300U with Radeon Graphics 2.70 GHz.
256 GB SSD.
Windows 11 Home.
Full HD (1920x1080) screen.
HP TrueVision HD Camera.

nah, won't run, sorry.

I know. There is not enough free space for it on the SSD.

Viel Erfolg beim Suchen! Ich habe das Spiel vor ein paar Tagen im Sale gekauft, aber es nicht ans Laufen bekommen. Zum Glück kann man Steam-Spiele zurückgeben. 😅

Hatte mir bei 3$ Hive auch eine GPU via vouchers gekauft ;)

Einer hat sich schon gefunden btw

tomorrow I'm going to practice a bit and get a little better. But thought it was funny today

I invited you to HIVE posse :)

viel Spaß in den Revolverbattles :)

How is the game, now after three days? Fun idea to create a Hive posse.

It's full of hackers, making grizzly bears rain from the sky and other nonsense.
Apart from that, most people you meet are friendly and even roleplay a bit.
Lots of girls, actually - kinda surprising.

I enjoy it, especially because I bought myself a new GPU months ago and this is the first game that actually takes full advantage of it.

Amigo muy buena noche cómo ha estado. Necesito pedirle un favor pero me gustaría hacerlo por otro medio Twitter ó Discord

No he podido entrar amigo me dice que espere. Igualmente me da mucha vergüenza pero necesito ahora mismo sí pudiera prestarme 30 HBD qué tengo un pequeño inconveniente familiar y los estoy necesitando ahora mismo ya que realizar el Power Down me llevará más de una semana. Y la verdad los urgente. Muchas gracias por tomarse el tiempo para atenderme y feliz día 👍