Fiery plays The Witcher 3 part 38: Priscilla's song.

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In this episode we began forging Griffin armor. After that we went to check a few question marks and found a village where all the villagers except one were slaughtered. It turns out that culprit was another witcher who peasants attempted to cheat and kill. We spared the witcher and he told us where we can find his things. We also led surviving peasant to her aunt. We gave the aunt some money and told her not to drink it away. After that we found the witcher's hideout and there were some evidence that suggested that sparing him was not the best option. Then we traveled to Novigrad and spoke with Zoltan. He told us about Dandelion's true love Priscilla who's name was not on the list among his other accointances. After that we went to a tavern and listened to Priscilla's song about Geralt and Yen. Later innkeeper from starting village interrupted Priscilla's performance and called us a murderers( for saving her life). After that we spoke with Priscilla and she told us that Dandelion was planning a heist into one of the underworld bosses( Sigi Reuven's) vault.

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