I'm new streaming on Twitch

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Follow me on all my new live videogame streams on Twitch with the uploads permanently on Youtube. I'll be playing new and old games with my son, girl or alone. It's all just starting but we'll be getting better, changing our play place and adding things to our setup in time.

I started doing Cyberpunk 2077 because is the game that has me totally addicted to the story, characters and gameplay, but we have a lot of games that are going to be live soon or later. Also there are a lot of retro videogames that my son and I love and want to try.




We'll be speaking spanish between us but all the games I play are in the original language, I don't like dubbed games or movies. Also if the game has subtitles they gonna be in the original language. That's the way I do my things.

I want to know communities or somewhere to learn more about streaming, gaming and "how to" kind of stuff because I'm doing this as a hobbie, trying to teach my son a few things and have fun in the way.

We're still have something to do with the sound, because where we live there's so much ambient noises or dogs barking insanely, but also I have to learn how to level the volumes of the game and the mic, also I was thinking to use a dedicated mic, but as we're also shy by the moment, I think that the camera's mic do it's thing. Here's the first live stream that my son and I did on Twitch with Dragon Ball Fighterz:


Our specs are nothing out of this world, it was built with effort, time and love by my wife and I, teaching everything about computers to our son in the process and even giving him the task of building the computer when we finally had all the parts together. Later himself will explain everything about the computer we built and what he likes. It was amazing how he managed to do everything right with all the caution that I didn't had when I first opened a computer back in the 90's. Videogames were a huge part of my life and it means a lot to me that he's into it as I was when I was his age, we did some Unity and Blender courses for videogame making and my wife and I encourage him into developing his artistic talents and skills with electronics.

All videogame images are for entertaining and explaning purposes.
The picture of my son was made by me. 😃