Poker History & The Rise of Texas Hold'em

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Origins of Poker

Did you know that according to some historians, poker can be tracked back to a 10th-century Chinese emporer as well as a Persian game called "As Nas" which dates back to the 16th century? There was also a game called "Poque" that was popular in France shortly after this and likely was a variation of the previous two.

Poque made it's way to Germany in a variation called "pochen" and both were allegedly based off an earlier Spanish game called "primero". In the game primero, players were dealt 3 cards and it was known for it's bluffing being a key part of the game.

Eventually some variation of these games made it's way into New Orleans (and why wouldn't it) with the French colonists. After the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 the English speaking gamblers settlers around this area made a new variation of Poque with 5 cards and by 1834 the game had a 52 card deck.

Riverboats traveling up the Mississippi River brought the games popularity into other regions thanks to the crews working while transporting goods up the waterway. Poker was also popular during the Civil war and eventually found it's way into saloons in frontier settlements in the west between the 1870's and 1880's.

Later on poker made it's way to Europe, taking so long because Euro's like to sleep while everyone else is playing poker, obviously. 😉 But it wasn't until World War I that it really started to catch on there, mainly due to US soldiers spreading their degeneracy to the sleepy Euros.

It's speculated that the poker variation known as "Texas Hold'em" originated some time in the early 1900's in a little town called Robstown, Texas. For nearly 60 years those sneaky Texans kept it to themselves before the genre finally made it's way to Las Vegas in 1967.

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I Think Therefore I Bluff

Considered a "thinking man's game", Holdem's initial popularity outside of Texas can probably be attributed to a man named Crandell Addington who was big in the Vegas poker culture. However at first the game was only played at the Golden Nugget which limited it's exposure since it wasn't known for having high roller players visit the casino.

But that all changed in 1969 when Texas Hold'em finally received it's big break at the Dune casino when it held it's first Texas Hold'em tournament. High stakes gamers from all over were now introduced to the game and this brought about it's huge rise in popularity the world over.

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