MetaRobots - Metaverse and Games - January February 2023 Update!

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It has been a minute since I wrote an update here, but work has continued and there's lots new in the land of MetaRobots!


Let's see the map page. It shows you the currently available worlds and their positioning in ration to each other.

8 metarobots worlds to visit and play in


Here is the Friends page so you can see if any of your friends are currently active, or the last time they were active on the game. Along with some other stats.

metarobots friends page


A few more Questions and Answers on the FAQ page, more coming soon!

How do I buy Battle Cards Packs?

You can buy a pack of 5 cards for the Battle Cards game by going to Eden and clicking on EdMerc. Then click Buy Battle Card Pack. The cost right now is just 10 VOLTs. At this time, VOLTs are pegged to HBD at 100 VOLTs to 1 HBD. So 10 VOLTs is like 10 cents for a 5 card pack! Right now you can only own up to 30 Battle Cards game cards. At this time, we plan to cap the total number of Battle Cards game cards at 5000 so the supply is LOW.

What are the Battle Cards game rules?

Battle Cards is a Trading Card Game where your cards battle against other cards. Right now, you select your cards to battle against cards selected by EdMerc in Eden. He will select cards based on your level. The higher your level, the better cards he will use against your cards!
Cards have 3 types: Melee, Range and Magic. Melee cards only attack when they are in the first position. Range cards attack when they are Not in the first position. Magic cards attack from Any position.
Select your cards and place them in order based on this knowledge of how they attack. The first card you select will be in the first position, second in second position, etc.
Cards have stats of Health, Armor, Speed and Attack. Health is lowered in attacks and a card with 0 Health is defeated and removed from battle. Armor is lowered in Melee and Range attacks before any Health is lowered. Magic lowers Health regardless of Armor. Speed determines which cards attack before others. The card with the highest Speed attacks first. If multiple cards have the same Speed then the next to attack is picked randomly. Attack is the strength of the card's attack and goes to reduce Armor and Health as explained above.
We wish you Good Luck in all your Battles!


I used an AI art program to create these images for Melee, Range and Magic cards. I haven't implemented the new card designs yet but that's coming soon.

metarobots melee range and magic AI generated card art


As it says above in the FAQ, you can now buy card packs for the in-game currency VOLTs which you can acquire by finding items and selling them, or by playing the mini games up in Eden Shops, or by winning Battle Card games, or by doing quests. The cards in the pack can be Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary. Each higher rarity is 10 times more rare than the one below it.

All cards you buy are Level 1. You can combine any 2 cards of the same level, rarity and type (Melee, Range, Magic are the 3 types). When you combine 2 cards, you get a new one with the higher valued property from each card. So 2 cards with 4 Health and 5 Health will combine into a card with 5 Health. Same principle for Armor, Speed and Attack. PLUS, you pick one property you want to increase and that property will be increased further. Go buy some packs and combine cards to try your hand at leveling them up!

You will need better cards because the NPCs you battle will be using better cards based on your character's level!


You can burn some of your VOLTs and get a free gift of HBDs sent directly to your Hive Wallet. This feature is not on all the time, but it will be available periodically. It has already been tested and seems to work fine. So there is No fee to play in our MetaRobots metaverse, and there is nothing you can buy with outside money/crypto, and you should be able to easily earn VOLTs to use in the game or to burn for HBD gifts. How does that sound?

Burn MetaRobots VOLTs and get HBD Gifted to you


It's time to get some more people into the MetaRobots Metaverse! Want to try it? Make sure you are following @metarobots and I'll pick a few new people to come in. I'll make a post inviting those I choose soon. I think sometime soon after that, I'll allow each current closed Alpha players to invite one friend to come in and play. Maybe. Thinking about that. :)

And just so you know, this is an Alpha version, so everything is subject to change! You may find bugs - if so please report them in our Forum. You may find things that are turned off or changed over time. That's what you go through when you get into something super early. But come anyway, if you want!

Have a nice day!


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