Thinking of Online RPGs

in #gaming4 years ago

These days, in modern gaming it seems like battle royale is the most popular genre, or at least, it's currently the genre receiving the most support from game companies as every game company tries to come out with their own battle royale game. Of course before that it was MOBAs.

But before that, the popular games were MMORPGs, and they had been for quite some time. There was a time when it seemed like a new MMORPG was coming out every week. Now, while there are still some MMORPGs around, including a few of the classic paid MMORPGs, companies aren't focusing on them nearly as much.

My favorite game genre is graphic adventure games, what some call point-and-click games, like Monkey Island and Simon the Sorcerer, but I would say MMORPGs come second on that list.

I can appreciate a good action game but it would be good if a company came out with a new, good, truly immersive MMORPG. When EverQuest 3 was being worked on that sounded quite promising, but of course they decided to cancel that. Amazon is still working on their game New World, at least the last I heard, which is sort of a mythical magical look at the new world. It also sounds like it has promise, and it sounds like it might be in more of a classic MMORPG style, such as being an open world game. It's also going to be a subscription game instead of free-to-play, but as long as the game is really good and the subscription price is reasonable I don't mind that too much because it should mean there aren't any pay-to-win elements.

Of course it looks like there are plenty of MMORPG-style games available for mobile platforms but I'm not really a mobile gamer and most of those probably try to encourage you to spend money as much as they can.

By now MMORPGs in general tend to have more of a classic feel, like they're sort of retro games in and of themselves, even though I wouldn't exactly put them in the retro category. At least not the graphical kinds. Text-based MUDs would certainly fit in that category, being one of the earliest network games made for the earliest computer networks.

Anyhow, I'm still checking in on the MMORPG genre for time to time and waiting to see if some company will make a game with the size and depth that used to be popular in MMORPGs.

Do you like MMORPGs? Do you have a favorite? What's your favorite game genre?