APEX success... Streamlabs OBS(SLOBS) fail...

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So for the second time I gave APEX legends a go. The first time I ever played it was a few days ago and I did really really bad. Think after 2 hours of streaming I had like 3 kills. I've never played a Battle Royale game before and it's such a mindfuck to jump into it thinking like I did that it's just some FPS like Call of Duty or Battlefield. In fact the very first match I played, my group landed next to another group and I saw some dude dipping into some kind of chest. I figured fuck yeah his back is to me andhe's standing still, I got this shit! To my surprise when I went to shoot I found out quickly enough I had no weapons and the dude turned around with a shotgun and decimated me. Talk about baptism by fire. The rest of that night didn't go much better. Learning to use items and running around for ever sometimes trying to find that first weapon and enough ammo. Not to mention you got to continuously look for health kits and armor upgrades to give yourself a chance at surviving.

So anyway tonight I figured I'd give it another go. I had just beat Metro Exodus earlier in the day and was in need of something a little more fun and a little more upbeat. To my surprise I did a lot better. I still lost way more than I won but I think overall my kills were more than my deaths tonight and I actually won 2 rounds with 1 of them even getting the final kill. I had a bunch of top 10 finishes a handful of top 5's and two 2nd place matches also. Not bad for playing with a bunch of randoms and no team speaking. Credit to Respawn for the awesome pinging feature (that could have been stolen from other Battle Royale games for all I know but it's fucking handy as hell). I think a big part of it was I changed the default movement and aiming speeds to make them faster and more responsive. The game felt much more alive with that.

For the bad news... After the stream was done I wanted to make my first Twitch highlight reel just to test it out, and make a few short clips to toss on twitter, also just to test it out. But that's when I realized the sound in my stream was completely fucked up. There was no game audio and my voice was all techno gargled. My Metro Exodus stream earlier was fine and sounded great and I never changed any settings so no idea how it suddenly fucked up. It almost seems like every time I put my computer in sleep mode in between streams, the sound fucks up when I wake it back up. I use Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) and I really love it. It's very user friendly and I recommend it highly for anyone that wants to get into streaming. However it doesn't seem to be responding well to being left on while I sleep my computer.

After I realized my stream sound was fucked all to hell I messed around in SLOBS and could not get it to work at all. The in software audio mixer looked good. All the audio levels were at the right ranges but the test streams I saved to my computer were all screwy. Nothing worked until I shut the program down and restarted it. At that point everything worked like brand new. If there are any SLOBS users out there that may know what the problem is please drop me a line as I'd love to have this go smoother from here on out. Anyway Follow me at the links below and be sure to join in the chat! Have fun and keep gaming!

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