Power outage - RANT

in #gaming10 months ago

A little earlier tonight i was streaming no mans sky. I just finished restoring everything cause after going into a new galaxy all your modules break in your ship, on your power suite and your main weapon! I hear it thundering when all the sudden the power goes out! I thinking to myself "I know the galaxy is a simulation but dam did that feel real just now!"

Now normally when we have a bad storm and the power goes out it's out for a few hours. It never went back up before i had to leave for work (I am typing this at work) so I am thinking it will eventually be back up by the time i get off in 8 hours or so. I take my flashlight with me to make sure the house is fully secure since i have no power to see properly. Get into the car and head up the hill. I come across the corner and notice the building next to mine has power? WTF! I look down the hill and my building is still with no power. Heck the power pole light was still off. I look around and all of the buildings on my complex have power but mine! What kind of shit is this? Why is my building on a different power grid!? This pissed me off since i wanted to have some fun in no mans sky before work tonight! So glad the games saves often when you leave a vehicle. I just got out of my ship to head up and buy stuff in a terminal. At least that is where i will leave off.

What I am getting at is be glad certain games have auto save features. So glad i wasn't playing subnautica below zero cause in that game you have to remember to save manually and if you are caught into the zone for an hour or so and the power goes out you would of lost all that progression! I am just overall pissed my building is the only one without power and why is mine singled out?