Holybread Beta - Legendary Dagger Found

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Good day players!

The following image is shows what a current dungeon room fight looks like.

Screen Shot 20200911 at 1.18.27 PM.png

At the bottom in the middle you see what items were dropped.
Not every room has item's drop.

Different monsters have different drop rates.
By the border you can tell this DAGGER has dropped as a Legendary item.

Once the item spawns you MUST collect it. If you move to the next room or exit dungeon the item is lost.

We will be adding some information to the front of this item, including its Level, currently you have to click on it and flip it over to see the stats and move to either your BAG or equip to one of your Hero's.

Once we open up for a bigger BETA test we will continue to improve the UI!

We have a lot planned moved forward.

I just wanted to give you another look at things.

We still have 3 spots open for Beta Testers. Reach out in the discord if interested.

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Thank you for all your support!


LEGENDARY! This was the first one ever to drop in beta right..who found it?

I did on my test account.
It actually spawned I didnt "cheat"

it's about time we get some new features... that holybread us peasants get to play starts to taste a bit stale :P

looking forward to that dungeon thingie!

we are trying to get it rolled out as fast as we can!

new to holybread but enjoying the game and looking forward to the new features, keep up the great work

welcome! Glad you found us.

Looking good and dungeons will be awesome!
Been monthssss since I played HB, but may need to get back into it soon.

Have you played since we acquired it on 5/22/2020?

No I have not.
I might have popped on but not played.
Do we still have all our stuff? I saw it there when I did pop on and there were no more breadcrumbs I think.

You still have your gear and Heros

you missed all the changes.

yep Breadcrumbs are gone we do not support Hive-Engine.

everything is posted on my blog and you can ask any questions in the discord.

Wow! What were the stats on that thing?

219 Speed, 5-95 damage, Physical, Slash

My Hero with it is getting 2 attacks in before any lower level monsters get to strike!

if your speed is high enough you can attack twice before your enemy gets 1 attack

Oh yeah I noticed one of my heroes doing that

so how speed works is the Number on your weapon is a % of speed you get.
So if your Hero's speed is 18 and your weapon is 150 speed they would do 150% of 18. So your speed would be 27.
If the weapons speed is 50, your combat speed would be 9.

Every 5 Dex is 1 speed.

Which then makes archers very fast

Different Hero's will be better in different seasons
(that is the goal at least)

Been a little while since I've read any HB related posts. Are any of those 3 spots still open for the beta? If so would love to snatch one up. I'm crazy bullish on the game!!!

Thanks for the interest.
The spots are full but we may have some opening soon. I will let you know.

Could you goto the discord and ask this question so I don't forget.

Those who are already on the new game are still on it? Or we have to ask for a new spot?

great to read you!