HolyBread Roadmap 6/28/2020

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Welcome to this week's Roadmap. A few days ago I did the 1st in a series of Development Posts talking about the direction of the game.

Today in the Roadmap we are going to outline a few more specfics.

Let's get into it.

Seems to be working good. Right now the longest delay we see is when opening a chest at the end of a mission.
It is on the top of our "trouble ticket" list for this week.
You should see an improvement this week.

We need a better internal system for making sure the in-game notifications are used effectively and in a timely manner.
Some players expressed views of the game that we had fixed but they were not aware of.
Expect to see 1 - 2 in-game notifications over the next 2 weeks while we settle into a regular pattern.
This was a failure on our part.

The marketplace is now only a 5% FEE and no MIN pricing, quite a few items have been selling at the $0.01 - $0.05 range. This is a permanent change.

We are finishing this up and it will be rolling out this week.


#1 ITEM Rework / Sets
So after discussions with the team most of this rework will move to the SEASONS code base.
A change you will see is that no matter what level you are you can find any level item.
So low level players can find items they can sell to higher lvl players.

#2 Combat Rebalance
Removal of ability stacking! (this is taking longer to code then we tought)
-The days of fighting an enemy team of 3 Hero's with 24% Less Enemy Life (24 * 3 = 72) where you start the battle with 28% of your total health are gone.
Critical Hits!
-Adjust how often and how much damage CRITS apply
-Increase the importance of an items MIN/MAX damage stat
You should be seeing Crit changes in the next day or 2
Rework stats impact on each class
-This allows for the Barbarian and Bard to exist

#3 Economy Rework - (In Game)
Continue to adjust Gold Costs and Inflation
Addressing BREAD and its USE CASE (this is moved to the SEASON CODE BASE)
As you know we are reworking the entire game economy, progress is being made and we are happy with what we are seeing so far. A lot of this week's changes will show in the data over the next few weeks.

#4 Moving away from a P2W game/business model
I have not talked about this much, but our goal is to move to more of a Freeium model.
As players we don't like the P2W concept or "INVESTOR" player concept.
Does not mean we don't enjoy a healthy "SECONDARY" market for in-game items? No. We completely support a strong secondary market.

So what changes will this have?
1st - Bread will be removed as a FIAT GATEWAY for P2W mechanics.
2nd -Our revenue streams will come from in-game use cases that make the game more enjoyable but not REQUIRED to climb the ladders
More details soon.

For "INVESTOR" type players we will be introducing some of the 1st "UNIVERSAL" in-game items. You will be able to find an item in Holybread and that same item is used in another game. Players of that game can buy the item directly from the marketplace. This takes multiple layers of design & planning but we feel is the future of Blockchain gaming.

Next Projects:

SEASONS code base is being worked on. The TAVERN & DUNGEONS & WITCH & PVE Leaderboard are being moved under this code.
This is moved up to a HIGH priority for the team.

BARBARIAN !! (He moves faster then the bard

Later Projects:
Bard - to busy stopping to play a gig, didn't keep up with the barbarian

Off on the Horizon:

I want to continue to give a big thank you to all players for helping support HolyBread since its inception, without you we would not have this great opportunity.

I hope this addresses some of the issues you have and gives you an idea of where the Team wants to take HolyBread.
Is anyone interested in posts on the following topics:
-Game design : where are we going and what is the thought process behind it (Theory and Technical)
-In Game Economy : what is our current issue and strategies to fix
- State of the Game : Goal for the game & company. [answering the question. : are you profitable/stable]

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with everyone. We may not always agree, but we always listen and appreciate the feedback!



we will be introducing some of the 1st "UNIVERSAL" in-game items.

That is truly futuristic approach.

The marketplace is now only a 5% FEE and no MIN pricing, quite a few items have been selling at the $0.01 - $0.05 range. This is a permanent change.

This is great news and I think it help in more transaction.

I think the change of crit is very important. The theoretical max. is 2000 (for 50% crit with a Lvl 100 hero), but with the exponential growing of the costs we could reach around 400 without equipment. This is the reason, why there is actually no way around to have a hero with crit in your team.