I am Evacuated!! Boulder County Fires

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Hey everyone!

As many of you know I live in Colorado. We were evacuated last night due to the grass fires.

My oldest son works as a paramedic and we helping evacuate the hospitals as the fire moved in.

I will not be posting for awhile.

I just wanted to let everyone know. It has been a rough 24 hours.


Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 9.42.33 AM.png


Our prays are together with you. Be safe!

We are Safe! Amazing no one in town is hurt or has died.
But many many people have lost everything.
We are all connected with each other as much as we can.
Cell and internet service is very spotty.


thank you so much!

Hope everyone is okay! Good luck with this chaos!

yes luckily we managed to not lose our place.
Just got gas / heat / water restored.

Still no internet.

A lot of our friends lost everything.
We are blessed.
Now we are working as a community to support and rebuild.

Thanks for the kind words.

wow, that really sucks, sorry to hear that, those fires looked devastating :(

Yes. A lot of our friends have nothing left.
Burned houses to the ground.

Funny thing is 24 hours later we have 12 inches of snow and it is 4 degrees (F) outside.

No gas or Heat.

The community is always been very tight so everyone is supporting everyone.

thanks for the kind words, it helps to write things down right ;)

That's terrible, I hope everyone will be alright! It's good you all work together and help each other!

Yes. It has been a long few days.
Thanks for the kind words.


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