Arrrrr ye matey! A new pirate game that deserves your one eye. Blackwake.

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Grab yer finest crew 'cause we be goin' on a sail. T' see who be th' best cap'n 'n crew o' all. Ram ships, invade enemy ships 'n work together as a crew in this early access gem




A little history about me and the first game I played as a pirate. When I was around 16- 17 or so I came across a new game coming out. It was called Pirates Vikings and Knights II. Digging deep I found out that it was a freeware half-life 2 mod. I saw this as a multiplayer arena based game witg wacky first person gameplay and I just dug right in. I spent many moons playing the game and I will be talking about this game in a sooner or later post.

Captain class for PVK 2


How could you not love this guy. Just look at his face.

Some PVK2 gameplay.


Onto the subject at hand, we need to drop the nostalgia for something more realistic and modern. Why it looks just as much fun as PVK II. I looked down on my steam friends list and saw my brother playing a game called blackwake. Curious to see what it was I clicked on the watch game button on steam. What I saw at first was two ships encircling my brothers vessel and he was panicking running back and forth between cannons. A shot from the right, a shot from the left. My brother goes to a cannon loads it up Shoots. Misses. He goes to other side loads up again shoots. The cannon killed someone and damages the ship. My brother turns around and sees one ship and then the next coming in full speed ready to ram it. He prepares his gun and gets a shot off at one of the crewmembers. The guy falls to his death but he has to keep on going and shooting with two ships coming in he gets another shot another guy down. The two boats crash with full force into the vessel and it splits in three. I never thought id see the day of carnage of a ship splitting into three pieces it is a sight to be hold. But my brother as the ship is sinking tries to survive but fails as he heads to davey jones locker.
Do not worry you get another ship and the same crew to come back for vengance.

For you a gameplay video.

How my brother found this game existed is a mystery to me but my nostalgia is coming back big time. I do not own this game but it is definetly on my radar as a game.

What is blackwake?

It is a naval warfare game set in the medieval era. There will be down periods because ships have to cruise a bit to get to their set targets. But boy when you get to action it gets crazy and chaotic.

As a ship sinks what do you do?

gif (2).gif

Climb ships and shoot at unspected pirates and sailors

gif (1).gif


These graphics are quite amazing. The water looks free flowing and alive. The reflection of the water that ends up on ships is impressive. it looks like you can see for miles while on the waterway. For it being a unity game it has very impressive graphics. The ships glide gracefully over the water and it looks very realistic. The animations of characters from a FPS view and the character models are much to be desired. It is a diamond in the rough for sure. With work they could have some of the best graphics around in a game.


Do i need to say anymore. We have authentic sounding sailing music. We also have battle music when a enemy ship comes closer and finally just ambient music while your sailing. It is enough for what it is right now but i hope they add more in the future.


This is where the game truly shines. When is the last time you were a pirate on a ship conquering the sea? I cannot remember a time! It is a rarity to find such a game as this as you go through the big list of video games. I feel this game is a needle in a haystack because it is pretty unknown as a game. It also has core golden gameplay. It has all the right building blocks to symbolize a great game. On top of that unique gameplay idea, you have the shenigans that come with guiding a ship with a crew. You have to constantly scan the horizon for incoming ships. You have to prepare supplies that turns into gunnery for the ship. When you get shot you will have holes and repair the ship. You also have to aim and determine if it will hit in the distance. Another game that does this perfectly is War Thunder if you ever played that. You have to time and angle every shot. And do not even get me started on the GunPlay of the game. I love it. It is oldschool. You have one shot to kill a person and when it hits you feel accomplished because now you have to reload for 10 seconds before you shoot again. It would be extremely dumb on the developers to make the game have almost instant reloads like a ton of other modern games do.
So for a early acess title you get a bang for your buck. Right now currently the price for the game is 20 bucks and it is well recieved by the steam community.
82% Favorable reviews.
Very Positive (139)
Very Positive (6,456)
Here is the link for Blackwake on PC.

If you never been a pirate and instantly want to be one this can let you live out your dreams. For everyone else I am sorry this is not your game. Since I have not played this game I cannot actively score it. But it is definetly on my steam wishlist. You can also be a evil bad man by downloading music and video games for free. The true definition of a pirate.


Black wake game dev team
PvK team
And a header website where i grabbed the header from.
Well to be a pirate or not to be is the question. Thank you for checking out this article. You can find me right here @sinned.


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