Blizzcon 2017 Old WoW IS BACK!!!!

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Blizzard is having their national get together right now as we speak and they released some information and reveals about their major games.

Blizzcon 2017

First off we got a new map for overwatch called BlizzardWorld

Blizzard world.

Blizzard world looks like it is a homage of world of warcraft heroes of the storm and hearthstone. You get a little starcraft 2 vibe in the middle of the video as well. I hope warcraft the rts and diablo 1 2 get some love as well. It would be real nice to see some care given towards the most oldschool fans. Blizzard does this quite often with npcs in WoW having qualities names or likenesses to past games. Remember uldaman with the three lost vikings??? Wonder if you can ffind them in the video below! Now if a real blizzard world existed i'd definitely be down to go there and check it out. We could only hope. It would go good with nintendo land over in universal.

Secondly we have Honzo from Over watch joining up with Alexstrasza from WoW. They are the new characters to play as in heroes of the storm!

Heroes of the storm announcement.

This had to be a given because the game has not been updated in character roster in a while. These will be great editions to the game.

Thirdly...... A new expansion for Hearthstone.

Hearthstone reveal

It is called Kobolds and Catacombs.... Now I am not one for hearthstone but I am happy that players get new content for the game they are playing

And we cannot forget about the announcement for a new expansion for WoW

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth aye? Are they going back to their roots in the game horde vs alliance? Level 120 cap! New islands to explore. Dungeons just for the horde and alliance and it looks like you can build PvP fortifications and take them over! For each side three new races are being released. I think this is the first expansion to have this many choices to play as in the game. This is all getting confusing now with WoW. There is so many different races and classes to choose from.


In this photo you can see what the Void Elves, the Dark Iron Dwarves, and the Lightforged Draenei look like.


And now the Nightborne Elves, the Zandalari Trolls, and the Highmountain Tauren

This would not be complete with a little gameplay video for the expansion so here you go.

Now I am picky with this because I prefer dungeons that are sprawling and have up to 20 bosses. This looks like it is 3 bosses in three different areas. Blizzard has been doing this for a long time so i cannot be to upset.

And last but not certainly not least

WoW classic

This is what fans been wanting for since the first expansion dropped. A lot of the player base has grown disgruntled with WoW in the long run with every new edition of the game streamlining and casualizing the gameplay. This is where WoW started aka vanilla wow. Me and millions of other people have spent days plugging away at enemies in this game. Will I pay for the service??? Maybe if there is so many people on there I cannot ever be bored. But for right now I gotta not. I do not think I have the attention for this I might be burned out. I just started playing a TBC server and its wearing me out already. This is for those who haven't played in almost a decade.

Me playing on ARES TBC.

How I recorded videos before was not live on youtube. I think now whenever I play games I will upload it to steemit.

Well I hope you enjoyed this nice little content buster from blizzard and @sinned. If the new game kicks ass I will be in it but I am gravitating to oldschool at this point. I hope all of you are having a great weekend!

Before I go I will show my sources.

Blizzards youtube. IGN.COM and my youtube gaming channel.


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Are they making vanilla wow free to play? With a wife and kids that would be awesome for me. Wouldn't need to fill the need to grind for hours on end and I could hope on and off the game as I had free time.

If you want to play free there is private servers called lights hope that is identical to vanilla. If you want help to set it up i will help you set it up for you. I dont know if they will make it free its blizzard they want money. You all level up a character together that would be a awesome family experience.

You all level up a character together that would be a awesome family experience.

Yeah that would be fun. No thanks I know there are other vanilla servers, but really just don't have the time.