Down but not out, relaunch imminent! Welcome Gotchi Heroes!

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We have a little update about the game:

After the initial cancelation of the game, we went back to the drawing board and regrouped to work on the next few steps to make the game a reality. There are quite a few updates ahead.

  • We are moving to the Polygon Blockchain.
  • We are partnering up with Aavegotchi as one of their Mini-Games.
  • Unsung Heroes name will be changed to Gotchi Heroes.

So what does this mean for the players?

Since we are moving to Polygon and partnering up with Aavegotchi it means you will need to own an Aavegotchi to play. Some might already own one and know exactly what I am talking about. Either way, more updates will follow. But it also means leaving hive gameplay behind (this was not an easy decision).

The game will also feature its own token which will have a pre-sale in January. More updates about that will follow. Since we are partnering with Aavegotchi we will be working mainly with the Aavegotchi token (GHST) and the new token. So if you would like to take part in the pre-sale and get some tokens early on at the lowest possible price, get your GHST ready and keep an eye on our blog!

Regarding the refunds:

  • Refunds for prepurchased starter packs will be sent out AFTER the account's powerdown.
  • Refunds for buying test items will be sent during this week.
  • The rewards for the top ranking players will also be paid out this week.

Once again thank you to everyone who supported the project. We are working hard on still making the game a reality. Your messages and encouragement had a very big role to play in that decision and motivation to carry on.


Not sure I have the bandwidth for another ecosystem; but glad to hear you're forging on with the project. Good luck out there :)

Thanks a ton, was not an easy decision to make but things just kind of fell into place this way so I am rolling with it and pushing forward. Always appreciated your support, thank you.

Welcome back on the game dev floor :)

Thank you. I simply will not give up on this one. ;)

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Why the chain switch?

Nothing personal. Just easier to find developers for Polygon than it is for Hive. That and mainly the partnership with Aavegotchi, their NFT characters aligns well with the gameplay we want to create.

yeah, that makes sense. The unfollow wasn't personal either, but I don't/won't use matic and I try to follow HIVE devs.

All good, blockchains are so diverse and ever expanding. We just follow the flow and go where we think is best. I have been on Hive for ages now, trying something new might be good. Doesn't mean our next game will not be on Hive. Just doing what is best for this game.

So you ditchet us, Welp, polygon sure looks good so is fine, at least you arent like psyver and the lvl token.

Still, see you on polygon i guess. 1+ 1/2 year i think :)

Ditched is a bit harsh, but I get where you are coming from, we are moving on though. Developers are the main reason for most changes, hive is not the easiest chain to find coders for. If it was up to me we would have launched on here ages ago, but I am always relying on other people to finish their parts.

1+ 1/2 you say? Challenge accepted! See you there in less than 6 months! =P

Now, that is where i place timeline for polygon to end up being a big hit or a total failure. One year and a half, if is does not reach to be a hit and cement itself as a platform, with all the resourses it have, then it will be a total shitstorm.

So either help to their success or brace yourself. Make a great game, so people game a bit while they are at it :)

Well, we were about 90-95% done with most of our coding here on Hive when we decided to cancel it, most of that we are just going to take over to Polygon. Token sale in Jan, gameplay (fingers crossed) within 6 months

Either way, we will try our best. =)

big hug, dont ditch polygon if it go sideways. XD


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Best of luck with the transition!



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Super nice outcome in terms of respect, for the venture you tried. I know there were no guarantees made to all the contributions from HIVE users... but maybe a tag or mention to everyone that contributed would be an even more amazing way to show them you are not dead and you are trying again.

Plans don't always work as we plan, and life continues. So, even if this time didn't work, be sure the community is still here. I will be following the work you guys will be attempting. Not sure if as close as if it would be done on HIVE, but I will try when I can.

Cheers and all the best luck.