Crypto Space Commander, Lore and Updates!

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Crypto Space Commander

Hello Everyone,

One of my favorite things about the Lucid Sight team is how they are so forthcoming with information on development and gameplay features. Today we are going to talk about some of the information I came across, and What kind of ideas/impressions that information gave me.

First I would like to address the upcoming alpha:

With the CSC Alpha having a slight delay, I approached Lucid Sight to get some information on what is causing the delay.

Many people in the CSC community are thinking that the delays are being caused because multiple projects being are worked on at once, such as MLB Crypto Baseball or Cryptic Conjure. I was assured that this is not the case. CSC has a dedicated development team.... Though it does appear as there is a shared web team. Which may correlate to certain features being delayed such as the CSC website marketplace but not responsible for any game delays.

Next I would like to take a look at some of the CSC media and ship progression followed by some speculation.

Phoenix Carrier:

The first thing that came to mind was to compare the Vulcan Harvester from a few articles ago and compare it to the images I recently received.

The first Vulcan Harvester rendering I have is from 4 months ago in this LINK article.

And this is one of the most recent.

As you can see there has been quite a bit of work done.. The Vulcan Harvester is looking pretty amazing now compared to a few months ago and that is not all, in addition to showing much better rendering for the known ships they have also been working on a whole bunch of other ships that will be in alpha.

The other ships I know of:

Reaper Eliminator:

Reaper Vanquisher:

Vulcan Prospector:

Vulcan Scrapper:

Vulcan Dregger:

Vulcan Packer:

This brings the total known amount of standard ships to 13, this does not include unique ships.

While talking with the development team I learned that the known ships only account for roughly 1/4 of the ships that are going to be in the alpha.

With gameplay shown LINK, the continual progress, and with alpha being so close.... This leads me to a couple assumptions

  1. We are going to be looking at a short Alpha mainly to find some quick bugs and possible exploits.. Then I fully expect the project to basically roll into a soft launch.
  2. The development team is farther along than I anticipated. They are holding back on alpha... The better CSC looks and plays during alpha the bigger splash in the Crypto Community the game will make. Which in my eyes is 100% true, you only get one good chance to make a impression on a person. This train of thought helps both Lucid Sight and us the early adopters.

Closing thoughts on Alpha:
Alpha could happen any time... Looks like they are ready almost whenever.

The Alpha game play is going to be fairly large. Looks like they have quite a bit of content compared to other alpha/beta I have been in.

Delays happen, but the delays in this alpha launch are justifiable and valuable for us the players.

Ok on to some CSC lore:

I am just going to cover a few groups in the lore and all of this is subject to change as the lore is refined and as the project moves into final release.

The CSC universe takes place in the 22nd century, over population and lack of resources drove humanity to the stars. Lucky for us a during this time a company called NextStar developed the first FTL drive they called Alcubierre Drive.

The Galactic Federation:

The current Galactic Federation, was initially a united nations body made to govern beyond the atmosphere.

Due to the advancement of FTL the power and reach of the Galactic Federation was expanded to a sovereign power.

The Galactic Federation is the law out in space with representation in every system of Core Space. There is at least one station on every Core World, including a consulate in the shadow of Mars’ Olympus Mons.

If you break the law in outer space, the long arm of the Galactic Federation will reach across the galaxy and impound your spaceship.

The Galactic Federation is headed by Eudora “THE EXPLORER” Horace a former NASA director. She runs the galaxy like a tight ship. She has been known to contact lawbreakers directly over the holo-web and and sees that every system under her jurisdiction adheres to the principles of law, order, and red tape.

Reaper Industrial:

Started by Johnathan Reaper, Johnathan helped develop the first starships to explore space beyond our solar system, and eventually branched off of the Global Defense Group to create Reaper Industries Galactic-Inc. Reaper Industries was the sole manufacture for the Global Defense Group, and before retiring, Johnathan developed the prototype for the Reaper Interceptor. The Global Defense Group eventually gave contracts to a fledgeling group called Phoenix Galactic Corporation, as they had advanced space travel technology. They also extended a contract to Vulcan Industrial, as resource gathering was a major need. Reaper Industries eventually became a specialized manufacturer for the main purpose of defense among the stars. With the addition of the other manufacturers, Reaper Industries was finally able to go commercial with most of their starship models, and business started to boom. Johnathan Reaper passed away at the age of 89, leaving behind no family, but he did leave behind his legacy, which can be seen today in every Reaper Industries starship.

Vulcan Industrial:

The Company was derived from the word Vulcan, the god of fire, metalworking and the forge. Started by brothers Alexander and Nicholas Vallis, they started by retrofitting an old 22nd century space shuttle to mine the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The brothers created advanced mining drills and lasers, and hired a team of experts to help retrofit the shuttle so that it was worthy of space travel. With the success of the mission, the company gained a lot of press, and Vulcan Industrial quickly became the go to manufacturer of space mining starships. Funding came pouring in from all over the world, as everyone wanted a piece of the new frontier. Vulcan started developing single and double person mining vessels, for the working class citizens.

Phoenix Galactic Corporation:

Created from a think tank of all the greatest minds around the world, with the sole purpose of getting humans into space. When a good chunk of the top 1% focus on this one goal, sparing no resources to do it. Failure was not an option, and test after test, they finally cracked the code. Finally able to travel through space in faster than light speeds.


That is all the game changes and lore I am going to cover in this article. I think the coming weeks are going to be very exciting for this project. There is quite a bit of lore and information coming from the developers in the next few days and I suggest if you are interested in the lore or gameplay information please get involved in the community.

CSC Website

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Thank you all for reading my article.


Wow, such carrier. Great info. Whenever alpha/beta is released, I will be ready.

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