How NOT to play Rocket League

in #gaminglast month (edited)

I'm terrible at this game.

But it's a lot of fun! I'm getting better at learning how to maneuver and aim my car to hit the damn ball where I want it to go, but I'm still very obviously a big noob.

The last time I tried to stream, it was on VIMM, but I had some performance problems trying to use my second display to view my stream chat. I'm going to try to run things a little differently this time, and hopefully I'll get a decent video out of it.

Come laugh at me being a total noob!

I can't figure out how to embed the stream! Someone please help!


Well, I tried. Apparently either my computer or my internet, probably both, isn't good enough for me to stream Rocket League. Whenever I'm sharing the stream, my framerate falls through the floor to the point that I can barely play the game at all. Nothing I try can just work... 🤦‍♂


What are you using to stream it? Obs? Let's play one of these days. My steam handle is drpuffnstuff

Well, I tried to use OBS with VIMM first, then tried the Twitch Studio, but both times ended poorly. Either my computer or my internet isn't good enough to be trying to stream it. Whenever I turn the stream on, my framerate falls through the floor to the point I can't even really play, so I have to give up the idea of streaming for a while. We can definitely connect and play together if we ever catch a chance! my steam is thatsweeneyguy 😁