RIsingStarGame makes blockchain history!

in #gaming2 months ago

HIVE made blockchain history by being the first fork to be instantly more successful than the coin it forked from. Now the new HIVE Dapp RisingStarGame has made blockchain history by becoming the first blockchain based game to appeal to my girlfriend! While this may sound silly, this has proven to be no easy task as I have tried to steer her toward many games in the past, failing time and time again.

I only just became aware of the new RisingStarGame a few days ago. It came recommended by some HIVE gamers whom I respect. After learning more about it, I began to love the concept behind the game. This game is made by an independent musician as a way to get people to listen to independent musician while playing an entertaining game.

My girlfriend, @iseeyouvee, is an independent music artist so I instantly enouraged her to check this game out. She liked it right away, and liked it more and more as she found out more about it. She was once an active Steemian, but like many of us a busy life has kept her off the blockchain as of late. It is my hope that this game will bring her to become an active HIVE member.

If you would like to check out her newest music video released this week, here is a link for Proof is in the Pudding by Veronica Cooper.

If you enjoyed her video, please let her know by commenting on youtube as she may not see the comments here until I get her blogging actively again.

If you are ready to check out Rising Star for the first time, feel free to use her referal link below.


Getting started on Rising Star is easy. My tip is to buy a Pizza Box so you can store pizza to refill your energy. The Risky Whiskey card is also worth purchasing as you can store drunk fans. I enjoy the concept of drunk fans, who will sober up after 12 hours and forget all about you. There are many neat and fun aspects to this game.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you enjoy playing this new fun game.


I will have to look into this. I missed out on steemmonsters/splinterlands. I am hoping to catch the next one early on. :)

It would have been amazing to be one of the original Alpha Steemmonster players. I feel fortunate to have been a Beta player. However, I don't feel you have missed the boat entirely. If the game is appealing to you and you would enjoy playing, you can still get in on the party as I expect this party to last a long time. The team behind the game is amazing and has big plans for the game.

Love the title!! Thank you for your kind words and so glad your girlfriend is enjoying it. We are launching a new card today and I think she'll like it!

Would love to get some of her music included in the in game radio. You just need to submit the mp3s in Discord.


Thank you for the great game. New cards are always fun! She will get her music on there soon as it is a great way to share music. Cheers!