Light Nite - TPS & Bitcoin

in #gaming4 months ago

Hello Hive community !

I would like to share a game that maybe you didn't hear about, it's called Light Nite, for now it's not really advanced but I think that it has a great potential. I share my referral down here, you have 40% discount + 3K sats + NFTs until 15 september ! Don't miss this opportunity to stack Sats and NFTs cheaply !

It will be kind of survival/battle royal type of game.

For now, you can achieve Covid Event and based on your score you earn Satoshis (100 sats if 1000+score. But special event until the 15 september you win 1000 sats if 1000+score)

I have managed to win up to 6800 sats so far


You have also NFT in the game. You win them with covid challenge for now. up to 3 if great score.

NFTs are Skin in games. And some are really cool !


There is a marketplace where you can trade your NFT with your sats.


There is multiplayer game also, not a lot of player for now, but there are some event when you can meet players. And even if it's not a complete game I find it really enjoyable for few games. For now don't expect farm this game. But maybe at a point in time it will !

I think there is a bright future.

Here's the referral :

See ya mates !