The list of games played in PS-Plus Extra (part 1)

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The footer at the bottom of my posts was getting to be absurdly long and when I look at other people's posts and they have a link to dozens and dozens of things they have written I find it quite annoying. So, because I didn't want to become the thing that annoys me, I decided to split the footer list into parts and this is the games that I have played in the PS-Plus Extra catalogue up to this point. I have a TON of games to go.

If you are just joining here is my system for trying out all the games.

  • I do zero research on what the game is about
  • I play i completely blind for at least 1 hour even if I hate it
  • I base my opinion exclusively on how well I feel the developers introduce a new player to the game, and how good of a job they do of compelling you to continue playing.

If you would like to read the read the individual writeup about each game simply go back to my profile and find it, they appear in the reverse order that they are listed here in that the most recently played ones are listed last in the list on this page. Once I have finished reviewing all of them I will hyperlink them all at once.


Games I have tried in my journey to play every PS-Plus Extra game for at least an hour

  • Windbound (survival game with rogue-like elements - not recommended)
  • Magicka 2 (top-down humorous multiplayer hack and slash-sort with immense spell system - maybe recommended)
  • Tearaway: Unfolded (charming casual 3D platformer with inventive graphics and gameplay designed for all ages - recommended for casual players)
  • Spiritfarer (casual simulation / resource-management style game with an extremely good story - recommended for all)
  • Observation (point and click survival sort of... interactive game of sorts set in space - found it very boring after just one hour and do not recommend)
  • Gabbuchi (simplistic puzzle game that I feel is better suited to mobile devices. Not recommended on consoles)
  • The Messenger (8-bit style action/platformer that is a throwback to original Ninja Gaiden. It's simplistic fun. Recommended)
  • Megadimension Neptunia VII (typical JRPG with some adjustments made to combat for uniqueness. Could be fun and I lukewarmly recommend for someone willing to dedicate 50 hours to a turn-based RPG)
  • Monster Jam: Steel Titans 2 (monster truck racing game that will appeal only to people who are already fans of the sport - not recommended for any other people)
  • Entwined (Visually appealing rhythm pace game that is very easy to pick up but gets repetitive after 30 minutes or so - recommended for anyone that can get it for free.)
  • 2Dark (8-bit graphic survival horror/stealth hybrid. The game becomes extremely difficult really fast and therefore failed to hold my attention - not recommended)
  • Virginia (interactive-cinema...not really a game and it is over in a couple of hours. Not recommended)
  • Trials of Mana (simplistic action RPG that will definitely appeal to the casual gamer that is a fan of old-school RPG combat mechanics - recommended)
  • Journey to the Savage Planet (FPS exploration game in a semi-open-world environment. The game is intentionally silly and I loved it - recommended)
  • Resogun (arcade-style single-screen SHMUP that will get boring to most people after an hour or so. Not recommended)
  • The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (point and click adventure game that doesn't work on consoles and is just irritating to play - not recommended)
  • Mighty No. 9 (it's Mega Man but terrible. Definitely not recommended)
  • Moving Out (delightfully funny moving company simulator. It gets boring and repetitive pretty quickly. Recommended for a short laugh)
  • Last Day of June (a sad story done in 3rd person perspective that while an interesting story and/or life lesson, quickly becomes repetitive and dull. Not recommended)
  • Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom (action adventure RPG with an inventive combat system that unfortunately becomes very boring very fast. Filled with bugs and invisible walls, I lost interest within the first hour. Not recommended)
  • Hue (inventive puzzle-platformer that whose basic controls are the reason why it is fun. This is also the reason why it gets old after a couple of hours)
  • Dragon Quest Builders (simple building game similar to Minecraft with a quest and story system built it. A lot more fun than I thought it would be and highly recommended)
  • Bound: Shattered Kingdom (artistic 3D platformer with an unusual graphical style that has an amazing story. It's only 2 hours long but still very good. Recommended)
  • Hohokum (an artistic and relaxing experience but ultimately it isn't really a game because there are no clear objectives. Not recommended.)
  • Bound by Flame (basically a budget Witcher but fails in almost every way. This game was frustrating to endure for an hour. Not recommended )
  • Stray (a simplistic and beautiful adventure / puzzle game that I think most people would enjoy. However, it isn't as perfect as professional reviews would indicate IMO)
  • Alienation (action RPG that plays similar to Diablo3 but set in a futuristic world. Recommended for casual multiplayer with friends)
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (A classic beat-em-up akin to Double Dragon that loses its appeal in the first 15 minutes of gameplay. Not recommended)
  • I am Dead (Point and click puzzle-hunt game with a fantastic story that is unfortunately bogged down by very boring gameplay. Not recommended)
  • The Gardens Between (puzzle adventure game that has a wonderful story in it that involves no words being spoken. It's a wonderful casual experience and is very-well made although a bit on the simple side... recommended)
  • My Time at Portia (building management / RPG that is like so many other games out there that are exactly the same. Since there is basically no innovation here I would give this one a hard pass)
  • Infamous: First Light (fast paced action adventure game that I found to be absolutely awesome. Controls are easy to pick up and the game almost never has to load. One of my favorite games on the PS4 and highly recommended)
  • Mud Runner (Truck driving simulator that is honestly one of the most mind-numbingly terrible games I have ever played. Not recommended at all)
  • Zombi (FPS rogue-like in zombie-infested London. It's interesting enough but the dreadful melee combat makes the game kind of boring. Maybe recommended for someone itching for a free survival zombie game)