How to play & earn with Angry Warlord

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With Angry Warlord, we’re happy to welcome the first Telos-based title into our family of games. In this guide, we will share our secrets of becoming the most powerful rhino raider and show you what makes Angry Warlord one of the most addictive blockchain games ever!

What is Angry Warlord?

Angry Warlord is a runner game where your warlord character keeps running through a set of levels at increasing speed. It offers fairly simple gameplay. You can only time your jumps — and some special abilities — to avoid obstacles, destroy opponents and collect powerups. But it only sounds easy.

If you’d like a little sneak peek into Angry Warlord’s gameplay, check out this short video.

Getting started

First, you need to download Angry Warlord from the Play Store — iOS is currently not available yet — and set up an account with the game. When you sign up, make sure to include wombat.lord as a referrer to partake in future game events.

Your new account name will have the .lord appendix, and you’ll be able to check your account on

What does the blockchain do here?

When playing Angry Warlord, you mine GEM tokens on the Telos blockchain. There’s a number of things you can do with those:

  1. You can use GEM to buy better rhinos with more potent abilities & more mining power
  2. You can buy powerups in the store
  3. You can continue playing at the current level after you’ve died (and you’ll be dying a lot)
  4. You can sell the tokens for TLOS

Unfortunately, you currently cannot log into Angry Warlord with your Wombat directly. However, you can send tokens between your Wombat Telos account and your Angry Warlord account, with only a few restrictions. This means that you can also buy GEM tokens on an exchange, e.g. Newdex, and send them to your Angry Warlord account to spend if you don’t want to or can’t use the in-game store.

How to play

You basically pick your rhino, and then you run. Your progress in the game is measured in meters, and the farther you’ve run, the higher the level that you reach. Upon each new level, some changes occur in the game — new obstacles, faster pace, new features. All you need to do to keep running and to prevent your warlord from dying. Your warlord dies if it hits a rock, an enemy or any other obstacle, so make sure to omit those. The powerups and special moves give you great options to get out of a tight situation safely.

Apart from that, you gain GEM tokens for destroying enemies or obstacles. The amount of GEMs rewarded per enemy depends on the rhino you’re riding.


In the lower levels of the game, there are three types of enemies - the small ones (the skeletons), the big ones (that look like ogres), and arrows.

  • The small ones can’t cause any harm and vanish whenever your warlord touches them, leaving behind a small portion of GEM for you
  • The big ones are dangerous; avoid them until you have a bit of practice jumping on their heads. If you use a double jump, you can pretty much stomp them to kill them, giving you the double GEM reward compared to the small ones.
  • The arrows must be avoided, period. You can only do something about them if you have the shield (one of the powerups) or use the special move of your rhino

Special moves

Each rhino has its own special move. To use this move, you’ve have to collect the little round lightning bolt items that are distributed across the game. All of the special moves are pretty similar in that they destroy a bunch of enemies and obstacles, only the range changes.


There are four different types of powerups in the game:

  • The shield protects your from enemies and obstacles (but not rocks) for a very limited time - be careful about the end of effect
  • The boots will let your warlord run faster. This seems to be rather useless in the beginning, but will become increasingly important in the higher levels, and especially in combination with the other powerups or items in the game
  • The wings give you … Well, wings. Your warlord will be able to fly for a short period of time
  • The magnet lets you collect items (lighting bolts and other powerups) from afar

There are three ways of obtaining powerups:

  • Buy them in the in-game store with GEMs (which at the moment seems rather pricey)
  • Collect them in the levels
  • Gain them for free from the chests. There will be a feature to watch an ad video for a free chest; I’m looking forward for that to launch

As powerups are scarce and rather expensive, use them wisely. They can easily push you a few hundred meters quickly to reach the next checkpoint (after levels 5, 10, 15 and so on). Still, they don’t give you 100% protection and can easily go to waste.

How to earn GEM tokens

As written above, each killed enemy in the game will give you a small portion of gems. This can be as little as 0.001 per enemy with the default rhino (Rhino Guard) or as much as 0.05 (so 50 times that) for the best rhino, Rhino Gloom. These gems are the same thing as GEM tokens, so you can check them on the Telos blockchain under your account, e.g. on

You can collect as many GEM tokens in the game as you like, and they will be safe on the blockchain. If you want to cash them out, however, you’ll have to buy one of the more advanced rhinos, Rhino Fire for 5000 GEM, or Rhino Gloom for 20000 GEM first.

You’ll get your first 100 GEM as a starter bonus after you’ve killed 20 enemies, but reaching 5000 or even 20000 with Rhino Guard will take quite some time. Therefore, the best strategy to earn GEM tokens quickly is to invest 20k GEM in Rhino Gloom if you can afford this (20k GEM cost 9$ in the in-game store, or about 230 TLOS at the current market price, which seems to be the better deal). This will give you the possibility to earn GEM at the highest possible rate, and you’ll also be able to transfer them to your Wombat-based Telos account immediately.

Selling GEM tokens

You can transfer GEMs from the game to your own Telos account by clicking + sign next to your GEM balance in the main screen of the game, then tap Transfer. The game currently doesn’t tell you that it will use 1 GEM from your remaining balance as kind of a transaction fee, so make sure that the amount you transfer is less than or equal “your balance - 1 GEM”. As usual, you’ll find your Telos account name when opening the wallet view in Wombat, choosing TLOS or GEM and tapping “Receive”.

After issuing the transfer in the game, the tokens will appear in Wombat pretty much immediately. You’ll then be able to sell them on Newdex. Simply tap “Trade” on your GEM token view and find the GEM / TLOS trading pair under the “Side” trading pairs for TLOS. About 70-100 GEM will make you 1 TLOS at the time of writing, so you’ll be able to gather a nice TLOS balance through GEM tokens (in case you don’t spend them in game before!).

How much you’ll make

With Rhino Gloom, you’ll be able to make a few hundred GEM per day easily. As the game gets (much) more challenging on the higher levels, you might want to farm lower levels in case you’re mainly interested in the tokens, so you won’t die as often. Also, make sure you open the chests whenever available, as these might contain between 1 and 10 extra GEMs for you each time, if you don’t get a powerup.


Angry Warlord is a fun game built by a great team with a bright future in the blockchain gaming space. The difficulty level of the game — although at times it’s frustrating — will keep you engaged for a long time, especially if you’ve enjoyed games like Flappy Bird, Ninjump or the Alto’s games. It holds a lot of potential with additional features at other stages, more rhinos, permanent items to challenge game modes or tournaments - the game has just been released and is in its very beginnings.

And the really cool thing is that you will be earning your bag of GEM tokens along your very own journey in the game, no matter what you do.