Riding On A Rainbow - by The Pearl Divers, or The Little Bits

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So I'm not sure who did this trippy organ and guitar psychedelic Garage Rocker. It is on YouTube as "The Pearl Divers - Riding On A Rainbow" and someone in the comments thought they were from Eugene Oregon and that they recorded this in the 80s or 90s. Meanwhile someone else in the comments said that this is an unreleased track from the 60s made by The Little Bits and it can be found on bandcamp.

They are both the same song for sure. The one on the YouTube video sounds a bit better. The band does seem young and they barely stay in sync with each other in certain parts of the tune. Listen to when they start singing

Riding on a Rainbow, living in a daydream.
Yeah I feel a little bit better, all over!
Look out!

At the end they are losing sync as well. But it's a cool vibe anyway.

We start with a cool bass line, then add the rhythm guitar and drums. In comes the trippy vocals; lyrics above. There is some sort of break in the middle. Not exactly a guitar break, just a bit of instrumental without vocals. Then back to the same verse with the reverb effects. I can dig it!

Look out tomorrow! Here I come!

Ride the rainbow, my friends!