Allotment Shed Build Pt2

in #garden6 months ago

Hiya guys, so over the past few days I have been really busy with garden projects.

Today I was meant to carry on with a job that I started yesterday but the fire my mate had was still going this morning so it got called off.

So I thought to myself what would be the best idea to do today, and then it came to me to finish off the recycled shed.


So if you can remember back a couple of days ago I posted about how I was building a shed out of recycled materials, well I have had to buy something, which I was gutted about.

The shed roof has to be waterproof so I bought a roll of shed felt and some felt nails to pin it down.

I also built a shed door out of some off cuts that our local lumber yard was getting rid of, which was ace as this turned out pretty well too.



And while I was building the door and putting the felt on the roof, my mate painted the whole shed for me and the paint was also free.

I think it looks amazing. what do you think?


I can't wait to get inside sorted so I can use it as a potting shed. I am so happy with the outcome, please ignore the wood across the window, I have had to hold the glass in like this until the silicone sets :D


I had always wanted to learn carpentry for a hobby but never got the opportunity or time. Thank for this post.

It's something that I have picked up from trial and error, I have always liked using my hands, and now I have some free time to do things like this and I'm loving every second

Fantastic. Love how well you managed to frame in all the front windows to fit the length of the shed.

It was pure luck, I couldn't believe it when they went up they fitted in, even the back pannel was a fit with no cutting involved, I am so happy with the result.

It looks amazing, I'm so impressed!

Its come on nicley, I managed to get over to the plot to see how the roof was drying and it's joined fab. :D

You are very handy!

I do try, I'm no joiner but it will last a while, ( I hope) :D