I Started To Build A Shed Out Of Recycled Materials

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Hi Guys, Today it had forecast rain, but with a spring in my step, I decided to make a start on my allotment shed.

I sourced wood from different places, such as pallets out of a skip, broken pallets from a building site and I even found some wood that had been left over from the previous allotment holder.

So with all the wood, I decided it was time to put up a shed down the allotment, so I got to work.

First I placed 4 pallets on the floor to make a shed base, after I knew where I wanted them to go I then placed concrete blocks under the pallets to raise them off the floor.

I then attached the pallets together using 2-inch screws, it was kind of hard as the pallets kept breaking when the screws started to tighten up so I used a small drill to make a pilot hole.


I also placed pallets around the outside of the base to make it more secure.


I also found an old shed panel and that came in handy for the back of the shed, and it fitted like it was made to measure.



And while I was browsing the internet I found a guy giving away 3 double glasing windows that I could go and collect.





So that is where I am at today, still thinking about how to make the roof, there is a couple of old shed roofing panels on the plot but I am not to sure if they will be big enough.

The whole shed will have a wood skin put over it and then a good lick of paint. things are looking up already.

Allotment life :D


Love it!

I can't wait for it to be finished. but I do also love it :D