White wonder groundcover plant - BACOPA

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About a plant called Bacopa. Common names for this plant include Water Hyssop, Brahmi, Herb of Grace and Indian Pennywort. It's a great groundcover plant for semi shaded half-sun spots in the garden ,and only grows about 15 to 20 cm high . Some species of this plant have uses in Indian medicine, and you can find it in tablet /capsule form in supermarkets and drug stores in some Countries. This plant loves wet spots in the garden. Apparently it even grows underwater - such as in fish tanks !! Suitable for temperate and warmer climates, it has masses of small white flowers year round except for the winter months. You can see the photo of this plant on my last Steemit post ( I could not upload it here for some reason ) I took this photo in the Sydney CBD, where it is used in planter boxes to brighten the public places.


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