Turning an abondened field into a lawn !

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Hi everybody ! It’s been a long time since I have been active. I think I just felt a bit split after the hardfork; should I post on steemit or on Hive or on both ?

Now it seems things have settled down a bit and I see more activity here on Hive and that’s awesome to see.


So what have i been up to lately? Well looking at the picture you get an idea. I bought a house last year and we first spent most of the effort on the inside of the house. This spring however I wanted to focus on the garden, and let me tell you it is about time it gets some attention.

First objective is to get the lawn straightened out, and I mean literally, it was more of an abandoned field of than a lawn when we arrived. Stones and tree stumps sticking out everywhere and even big spots that were like pits.

I have been fighting this tree stump for quite a while, it was a night mare ! As you can see in the picture with the wheelbarrow it’s a big stump, and this is actually just a piece of it, in this next picture you can see all the removed pieces.


So, just one little obstacle, becomes quite the undertaking, and I realize this is a long term project, and I will just have to pace myself and do a little at a time.

Here is a picture of the area I have tried to work on and fill in the gaps. It’s been raining lately so I haven’t had time to really flatten it out and make it even and sow some grass seeds.


As I was removing rocks and trying to flatten the grass I actually found an axe. Some grass had actually grown through the handle.

So that’s what I have been up to lately. With the Corona virus situation it seems like a perfect time to just work on the garden. What have you been up to ?



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