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Hello everyone! I am new to HIVE though have been blogging for a few years on other platforms, I am excited to get to know this community and add some (hopefully) interesting posts when I can. This post is an introduction, a little personal info about myself, my life and garden so, here it goes - - let's start with a picture, this is me, Chloe, harvesting lemon verbena::

Lemon Verbena

You can probably see :: I really love plants. My main occupation in life is that of a gardener, and I am Libra (sun sign) thus my name Libra Gardner. Originally I am from the United States but have been living and traveling in Latin America for 5 years. Now I live on a farm in South America with my partner, Jona, our big garden, 5 chickens, and 5 cats (4 of them are currently kittens):

more cats
all four kittens

As mentioned above, I blog on other platforms as well. My main website is where I post regularly about herbalism, ecology, pollinators, and gardening. My interests are ever-shifting but I generally stick to those areas.

oregano gal

In my early 20s my life was totally changed for the better by herbal medicine. This wasn't an over-night change but rather several years of trial & error, trying different herbal concoctions to aid me on the path of living well. Now (in my late 20's) I feel compelled to share more publicly about herbalism, using plants to heal or bodies, minds and communities. Of course hospital-style-medicine certainly has its place, there are some areas of health that herbs can treat exceptionally well - I plan to share more about that in coming posts.

swiss chard starts

I am so excited to get to know this community and other gardeners on this platform. Thanks for reading & nice to meet you! - Chloe


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You are welcome @libra.gardener! It is great to see you are doing your first steps! Great work!

I'm glad finally you made the introduction post.

On HIVE, we have many communities that will support your content. I suggest you post your content first here because people like reading the original posts. I just make a recommendation for you :)

You can explore the communities that suitable for your content such as:

If you have a question, you can ask me as well :)

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help & guidance and will certainly ask you if I have a specific question - your posts are extremely beautiful by the way!!

Lovely to meet you. I hope you enjoy it here. I've given you a shout out in the Lotus Garden newsletter, which will be published tomorrow.

You've been curated by @minismallholding for Natural Medicine's homesteading newsletter, supporting gardeners, permaculturalists, foragers, environmentalists and other earth centred relationships with the earth.

Thanks so much, so far so good! excited to see the Lotus Garden newsletter <3

Woohoo! Welcome aboard, now following along :)

thanks so much!! and I am now following you too, yay!

That lemon verbena is huge! I grow it here and it will get just above waist high before the first frost takes it out. I treat it as an annual. Love your kittens!

I'm used to smaller Lemon Verbena plants too - they grow similarly where I am from in California so I was so surprised that they are practically trees here!

Welcome to Hive
Librans are the best hehe
Amazing that you are doing what you love
Hi the to the furkids :D

Thanks so much for the warm welcome!

Welcome to the Hive...
Natural Medicine seems to be best community for you..
Keep sharing the good content...

Thanks for the warm welcome! I will try posting in that community soon, still attempting to understand how this all works and what to post where, thanks again!!

Wonderful introduction post. There are a number of communities here on Hive that you will thrive in given your interests. One main tag/category/community will be the natural medicine one. As a heads up you have five tags or subjects you can place your post under, rather than just using one. It ensures your post gets in front of people who scroll through subjects and communities looking for quality content. For instance rather than just gardening you could place this post under the following: #gardening #introduceyourself #naturalmedicine #nature

Well those tags or along those lines. Have a look at others posts that cover similar content to yours and your interest to discover which tags work best. There are great folks here in the various communities so always feel free to reach out if you need a hand or have any questions. Welcome to Hive and best of luck on your journey! :)

Thanks for this info!! sorry for the late response, I am just seeing your comment now and wow, this really clears things up for me! I will give those natural medicine and nature hashtags a try for future posts - many thanks for the guidance!