STEEMIT COMMUNITY we need to get Gary Vee on Steemit

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STEEMIT COMMUNITY we need to get this one man, Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) our attention to get him on Steemit.


If you do not know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, he is literally the physical manifestation of Steemit. Gary Vee runs an honey empire that consists of:

-a $100 million per year revenue digital & social media ad agency called Vayner Media (yep, that's me in the picture below :)

-Wine Library, a multimillion dollar revenue physical and online wine brand, that he helped his father grow from $2 million to $50 million a year by being one of the first e-commerce wine stores in the United States

-Epic Content Creator Ninja amassing millions of followers across all social media platforms through his daily vlog on youtube, Daily Vee, the #AskGaryVeeShow popular digital shows, and part of the judge panel for Apple's first original show, Planet of the Apps

-Serial investor with early investments in Uber, Twitter, Tumblr amongst many others.


What is a honey empire you say?

A honey empire is an empire built on being an excellent human being and an excellent businessperson. The old way of thinking was you had to choose either be a good person or make a business choice only for financial reasons. He believes you do not build the biggest building in town by tearing everyone else's building.

Gary Vee always preaches how important the concept of attention is. So please join me, Steemit community, to literally bombard (he will appreciate this, its the kind of guy he is) all his social media platforms with information about Steemit and the community.

Here are all his links:

Thank you for your time and attention as always.




i agree but how will we get him??

grab his attention. and with gary vee we need need to comment on his youtube channel, facebook profile, twitter page, and that way once he sees an organzied force of people talking about this platform he'll check it out and fall in love with it

or we have to get in touch with a brother or so who is less famous and he 'll tell him for sure!

exactly exactly. whatever is clever buddy

I agree with that. Let's all email him everyday until he gets in. :D

yessir that and bombard his social media links. thats what he preaches so we use what he preaches to get a hold of him. he's active on all of them responding throughout the day

Good idea man, I once heard him say that he has passed up a lot of big money opportunities in his life just so he could stay in the game of entrepreneurship because he loves it so much.

Maybe he feels that Steemit may compete with his other investments. But then again, he is probably the one person who wouldn't let that stop him, you know what I mean?

Wow yeah I really did not think about his other investments and thats why maybe he isn't on it yet. Great freakin point buddy.

And thank you just trying to do my part to grow this community :)

Great thanks for the comment, how do you usually try to attract people to notice your posts?