Batman Concept Art-Geeky Pastime Creation

in #geek4 years ago (edited)

I'm bored and tired...what should I do?

No doubt something we all ask ourselves from time to time, we all have many pastimes and preferences.

What do geeks do?

This morning I didn't really feel like doing anything. 

Still excited about the recently launched Defenders series on Netflix, Daredevil being my favourite character, I started thinking about what made these series so different from other superhero shows, like the CW shows for example.

I think what's so different about them is that they're a lot more "realistic" and gritty than the others. It feels like a more grounded world, like something that almost could be taking place. 

For example, Daredevil isn't that far-fetched of a character compared to someone like The Flash. In fact, there actually is a real Daredevil, you can check him out here.

Where did my geek mind wander?

I remembered reading an article explaining how the DCEU was supposed to be more grounded and "realistic" than the MCU (which I totally disagree with, if that's what they were striving for...they failed).

Made me wonder what a more realistic Batman would look like. What if it looked something like Daredevil's.

So... from being bored and lazy comes the following:

I looked for some Daredevil concept art, did a little modifying and, Voilà!

Here's a before and after:

Daredevil concept art credit: Marvel/Ryan Meinerding

What do you think of a more realistic Batman?

What are some of your pastimes?

Should I be more productive and spend less time doing pointless photoshopping?


My pastime is reading other people's posts on steemit, upvoting and commenting on ones I like and where I have established some kind of connection with the authors. I also look at new authors I don't yet know from time to time.

It is a reasonably lucrative pastime too!

A very wise pastime for more intelligent and cultured people such as yourself @onceuponatime, one that pays too.
Thanks for your comment and upvote;)

How did you know that flattery is the wind beneath my wings? :-)

Cause stories about flattery-loving nobles always start with "once upon a time".
Was I right in making that connection?

You were born right - and it has only been onwards and upwards since then.

(But "once upon a time" is more than is dreamt of in your philosophy :-)

I strongly agree with your comments, by reading we can find out what our friends post here, knowing nature in the area of ​​other friends, I am from Aceh. @onceuponatime

Do you have any designs for Spider-Man? He was my favorite as a kid.

Mine too @techwizardry (hence the username), but no. Unfortunately not:-(

Gosh! You did a great job! How you did it?

Thanks @airmatti, boredom can accomplish amazing things;)
But seriously, you're the real artist around here! I always enjoy your posts.
Thanks for commenting.

Although this post is a bit short but it is interesting, I love the superhero characters who like to help.. @peter-parker

Well @chindy, at least I won't be accused of crashing the server;)
I'm glad you like characters who help...I do too.

Wow!i love Batman!! really nice job, Congratulations! It look very dark!

Well... he is the "Dark Knight";)
Thanks for the comment!

Exactly! :)
Thank you for the beautiful drawing!

Wow amazing editing! You did a great job! Love it!

Thanks @leyla5, I like your stuff too. Will upvote and follow;)

That you so much...Followed you back! ^_^

Superhero, when I hear it I am very happy, I watch a lot of superhero movies like batman. :) @peter-parker

I do too @marconah, that's the problem...

Do you also like to watch movies from some superheroes. :)

Yes I do, too many;)

Haha, maybe we have the same hobby.

Not sure if it fits Batman. I watched one episode of Daredevil but tbh it didn't feel more realistic at all. The same kind of drama with a lot of unlikely stuff to happen all at once. But then again I got kind of sick of the whole "superhero" genre ^^

Good for you @droucil, cause no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get sick of it;)

So weird looking lol. I like how the head part and cape connect.

Sure is @cryplectibles, but what's worse? This or Adam West's?
Personally, if I were Batman (which I would love by the way), I'd rather wear this than 2$ spandex;)

And now without warning or reason at all related to this post other than it's about costumes and I can't get the image out of my head now that I started thinking about it, Captain America original live action movie costume and it's rubber ears

Don't envy that actor...must get real itchy in there:-(

super power take a shower! was just so tempting to make that rhyme, I couldn't resist;)

I think what's so different

I often think the same thing @amanat1993.

I love the geek-talk...
Regarding your questions...I wonder what your mom would say about question nr. 3....

I think it would be answered with a nice smack @lellabird60.

"Go clean your room!!"

I doubt the smack....maybe "clean yr room" though

I'm a fan of any of the marvel type movies, but I'm never heard of Daredevil! I'll have to check that one out after I've finished with this seasons Game of Thrones!!

It's actually a Netflix original series @steem-samiam, so a lot of people that don't have Netflix have never heard of it, despite it being critically acclaimed.
There are other ways of seeing it...perhaps ways Netflix wouldn't be too happy about though so I won't recommend any;)
Thanks for your comment.

When I have time and nothing to do, I make color correction on the pics I have on mobile and make some photo manipulations . You can see some of the cool photo manipulations I have made and posted here on steemit.

I sometimes do the same. Will check out your posts @rocksg;)

You are welcome to my blog dear.

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