Adsactly Kids / Teens Corner: Kids Jokes - Animals and one more

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The kids/teens within the ADSactly community have been busy preparing more jokes for your entertainment. Let us see if they can top the first nineteen jokes...

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Joke 20

Why does Africa have safari's

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To show that safari isn't just an app on the iPhone

Joke 20

Why are giraffes so tall

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So they can laugh how small you are

Joke 20

You know when you are in trouble

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When your mother yells your middle name

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Thank you for your time, around of applause for our little jokers.
Which was your favorite joke?

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Thank You


I am a BIG fan of jokes, and as I work with kids I do hear alot 😁
Those jokes cracked me up good.
Thank you for sharing and that safari joke was Great.

Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers 🌷

Thank you, the kids within ADSactly, try really hard to come up with there own jokes.
Glad you enjoyed them.