Stashing Jackfruit

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Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit. Now that its season, friends have been giving us jackfruits week after week! We couldn't thank them enough!

We stash our jackfruit in the freezer, because it goes well with our smoothie. It's our natural sweetener!


When you already smell the jackfruit's unique fragrance, indicating that it's already ripe and is ready to be eaten, it's time to cut it in half. The secret to let it taste sweeter is to leave it open for a day. We cover the exposed area with paper so as not to attract insects. The science behind this is oxygenation. When jackfruit is exposed to oxygen it ferments and taste sweeter.





The next day, it's ready to be cleaned and eaten, removing the seeds and stashing the edible part to a container. We eat, and talk, and laugh, and stash.


We also gather the seeds, to be eaten at a later time. Seeds are boiled and salted, and can be enjoyed as a snack.


Here's the stashed jackfruit off to the freezer! 😍

Thank you for reading! ❤


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