Succulents and Cactus for #MarketFriday

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A dear friend of mine is a succulent and cactus enthusiast! Her love and great interest in the cute little fellows not just became a hobby but a business as well.

Here in the Philippines, or maybe anywhere else in the world, people turned into planting because of the pandemic. That's why my friends wittily calls it "plantdemic." 😁 Taking care of a living thing at home when we are at home most of the time is a great way to curb the boredom.

I see a lot of posts online about this fad, and I wanted to join the fun, but I just don't have time to visit their garden at home. But one day, in one of my mom's hospital visit (which we went outside the house), my brother requested us to drop by at our friend's house to get something. And I was beyond delighted for the circumtance! It's a chance!


I was in awe to see so many varieties of sucs & cacs! They are so cute, I want to bring them all! And my friends were not even finished unboxing the s&c that arrived!


They have a huge dish garden!


I have also witnessed one which is showing off it's beautiful purple flower. What a head-turner!


And this turtle pot caught my attention too!


And also these colorful ones!





Oh! There are just plenty to see, so many to chose from, so many little creatures to tend to.


I couldn't contain myself, I have to have some of my own. So I ordered for two dishes. Yes, I don't want a single plant, I want a dish!


And I guess, it's love at first sight when finally my little darlings arrived!



It is a sheer joy just seeing them sunbathing!

Aren't they lovely?


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Oh they are so cute. In here the succulent so expensive now :(

Really? How much usually does it cost? Here common s&c costs P80 (less than $2USD). But rare ones costs more.

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Cactus and succulents are everywhere now! Well, honestly, they have always been popular here, I have no idea why! I used to have a few here and there, but, I honestly don't think I will buy another. I have gotten bit by too many! :) While I was transplanting them.

They have become immensely popular, I cannot figure it out. They do have some vibrantly colored flowers and they are easy to care for. I love the different dish gardens with a variety of cactus!

Did you buy one for your house? I want to thank you for being a part of #MarketFriday! It really surprised me, but, also delights me to know how much effort people put into it. It shows off how much we are alike and how different life can be. In the end, it makes it an experience that I look forward to. I appreciate the love and support given to #MarketFriday! It Is heartwarming to see how many posts into the challenge, including you. Thank you! Truly! Your participation adds a unique flavor to the mix. This entire challenge has opened up the world to me and so many others. Thank you again for being a part of all this! It was lovely! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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I bought two dishes for the house. 😊 Sorry, I didn't indicate the price. It's P500 per dish (about $10). Is it expensive compared to the s&c there @dswigle?