Beautiful Sunday And Sublime Sunday - Love and care makes beautiful everything in the world

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I would like to thanks this two contest #beautifulsunday and #sublimesunday initiated by @ace108 and @c0ff33a. I am happy to take part this two challenges together. Today I am sharing many beautiful blooming flowers in my garden and activity of my kids during school breakups.

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine and a man cannot live without love - I believe this inspiring quotes. It is very difficult to maintain everything such as daily needs of family members, overlook kids education, take care garden properly, go outside different work and write regularly hive blog. Even though I enjoy every responsibility but sometimes excess work made me tired. Now this time is going on this situation. After all life is running some beautiful moment. Such as when my children achieve good result in education, lots of pretty flowers hold of my garden, elder family members get well of my service, deliver tasty food items family and friends, post nice blog in this platform etc. So have a beautiful and sublime day for everyone's life with lots of daily activity.









It was my kids were gossiping and playing each other during breakups school.







Especially I would like to thanks respectable @tattoodjay, @johannpiber, @riseofth, @ace108, @c0ff33a, lovely @dswigle and @melinda010100 for their nice contest and support to encourage me. And all other friends too.

Thanks for receiving the time to check out my post and your valuable time. Please upvote, comment, resteem and follow me if you like to view more content like this.


Yay! 🤗
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