Mitch van Picklock - STEAM METAL

in #gems2 years ago

This song is from my alter ego Mitch van Picklock where I pay tribute to the glorious 80s. In this track, I combine heavy guitars with some cheesy synths and catchy melodies.

Shooting the video was a lot of fun. Of course my wife @patschwork created this nice setting in our dining room and I gave my best to do the whole video in one take. I had some rough ideas when to do what but it was also a lot of improvisation: at 2:42 you can see me looking for the glass to pour the Baileys into but unfortunately I had forgotten to put it on the table. I thought about redoing the take but then decided to roll with the punches this became then the final video. Additionally, I had already three failed attempts before and was a bit hammered because of the red wine and the Baileys... so here is the outcome, enjoy and keep on rockin' in the Steam World!


Sehr cool 😎

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