Writing to people nearby using whenwhere.cf

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Are you curious about who is on Hive and lives nearby to you? Here is a trick to figure that out!

  1. Go to https://whenwhere.cf and use the button at the bottom to write a message to your region.
  2. Share this message with other people on Hive so we get enough people using it.
  3. Use https://whenwhere.cf more often to see if messages around you appear!

The website just moved to Cloudflare Pages and as such should be a lot more stable. It uses Google's plus codes with an approach I call geographical hashtags to create a rough estimate of where you are. When loading the page it doesn't restrict to your hashtag but scans a region of around 400 codes surrounding you to find messages nearby.

If you have any questions, please answer to this message with your question and I will try to answer you as good as I can!


Go to https://whenwhere.cf

I checked it. This website is scarily accurate.

It says the following:

You are at: 8GV2897C+5CG within 3 meters of accuracy

And if I click on the "full map around the OLC", then it points near the house I live in in a village (Hunyadfalva) on the Northern Great Plain, Hungary.

We can say that the "within three meters of accuracy" is actually true.

Yep, I checked too, it works. I expect a drone strike within the next 8 minutes and a US Air Force pilot in a bunker in Nevada saying "Good kill!" 😄😄😄

Sounds like staking oO

Or even 'stalking' my friend ! Totally agree though, I hate apps that tell people where you are. I keep location turned off!

Lol.. I meant stalking haha xD
ye, its such an invasion of your privacy x)

I have thought of that in the design of the hashtag system, it's very important for me too! That said I created the site originally as a proof of concept for a physical watch-like device for mapless navigation without internet, and in fact the Hive-api is the only serverside element here!

The website runs on Cloudflare Pages, fully client side, and the geographic hashtag is usable without location on. I plan on making a better product without asking browser location data at all. Also the tag precision is about a neighborhood or village on a strict grid, so no way to pin you down exactly unless you use the full OLC.

Well, i made sure my VPN was connected, Lication settings off, clicked whenwhere link, chose the option to open with FOSS Untrack me app, and i'm happy to say it had no idea where i am. #u#k any tracking apps/websites, go spy on someone else!

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This post is interesting in philosophical terms. On one side, people who are attracted to crypto are rather wary of surveillance and reluctant to give away their whereabouts. Witness the atma.love reply. But you can't create a social tissue if you do not put in a bit of personal trust, if you do not willingly let yourself be vulnerable to the meanness of humans. See Jesus and Mahatma Gandhi...

Followed and added to favourites, this is some remarkable piece of work ! Bravo!