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RE: Moin! Translate State of the DApps to German 🇩🇪(contribute to get rewarded)

in #german4 years ago

As mentioned by @serylt is's really hard to do a translation without the context. Example (property):
I own a car, so it's my property.
To use feature XY you have to overwrite the property 'home'.
As you can see, without the context, a translation is hard to do ;D
So maybe for some keywords you can give a small context? So the translation will be more accurate.


Agreed. Context would be important exactly for that reason.
Like, the term "governance", uncertainties and inaccuracies might occur.

Yeah, the context here are the main categories of DApps. For "Property" this is a mix of title registration, asset provenance, real-estate registry, supply-chain management, etc.

In this case, I agree with @serylt and the correct translation for 'property' should be 'Besitz'!