The Germ Theory and The Rosenau Experiment

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It seems I got a blog here. Let me tell a story...
A while ago, in the 19th century, there was a chemist in France. His name was Louis Pasteur. He came up with a theory, a very lucrative theory, the germ theory. Pasteur had access to an electron microscope. He could see smaller particles than other scientists. Electron microscopes were very expensive, so no other scientist could afford such equipment, nobody could verify Pasteur's findings. Pasteur had a good friend, Rockefeller. Rockefeller owned some pharmaceutical companies. He must have seen some opportunities. The germ theory, Pasteur came up with, refers to the concept of viruses. Small particles that supposedly cause disease. And Rockefeller had a cure for that. Vaccines.
The theory was never proven, but that did not matter. Rockefeller owned all medical education too. He just taught the doctors that there were nasty particles that cause disease, viruses. But that's okay, his smart scientists had developed vaccines against all kinds of viruses.
In 1918 there was a smart guy, Rosenau. He did some experiments, known as The Rosenau Experiment. He tried everything to prove those viruses were real, they were really contagious, and really made you sick. But he did not succeed.
We, humanity, have been thoroughly screwed by a small group of people, if they are people, and recently they have declared war on us. This war has lasted for many centuries, if not millennia, while we were unaware of it. Now we are being attacked biologically and mainly psychologically. They own the mainstream media, yet still there are many sheep who believe what those media say. If you see someone with a facemask, tell him or her about the Rosenau Experiment, 1918-1919. It proves that viruses don't exist. They don't care, but it will plant a seed, and when they hear it from two, three, four different people, maybe they will look it up. The only defense against psychological attacks is to become aware. They, the 'elites' will do everything to provoke us into war. They will do everything to divide us. We must remain calm. We must solve this in a spiritual way. They don't know how to handle peaceful protest. We can simply meditate them out of existence, don't give them any more attention, at all.
Turn of the TV, get rid of the radio, never mind the papers and throw away your smartphone.
Without your smartphone, they won't have their grid.


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How so when Pasteur published the germ theory in 1861 while the earliest electron microscope wasn't available until 1931? You might want to cite your sources in this post.

Anyway, let me introduce myself. This is the @proteancreator from @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) team 😄. We saw that you already posted your first blog here in Hive! Congratulations and welcome @miqlos !

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Thank you for your kind reply and your good advice. I wanted to respond sooner, but my resource credits wouldn't let me.
I just wrote my introduction post. It turned out a bit cynical at the start. That's just my style of writing. I hope you can appreciate it. Although, that's not what I do it for. I plan to post things people simply need to know about. Usually I just share such stuff, written or recorded by others, but I can write myself, so I will.
Did I mention the Rosenau Experiment? Because people really need to know about that.
I guess I did mention it.
Thanks again. Have a great day!


I find it quite remarkable though, that our hive wallets are fully transparent. We can simply look into each other's wallets. I'm not used to the concept. A little systematic integrity wouldn't hurt, at first thought.
This system would be fine if we all realize and practice we are all one, and we don't hurt each other nor impair each other in any way, because we know what we do to others, we do to ourselves. When we have evolved to that level, then this would be a good system, but humanity is not there yet.
Privacy crypto currencies are the answer to avoid their systems entirely. Be your own bank, and don't make it possible for governments to see where your money goes. You might just finance a certain fringe minority, that's why our money - the money of we, the people - needs to be privacy crypto.
The banks are going to introduce centralized digital money, to replace the systems we currently have, that were deliberately set to crash.
The wallet will be integrated in one app with your medical status, your digital identity, and your social credit score. I won't have a phone. Not a smart one anyway. It will be the smartphones that will send the data from the injected people to their totalitarian A.I.-controlled 24/7 surveillance control grid. And most of us don't want that. So we should get rid of the technology.

Right on! I should recycle this one, really! Totally Bull's Eye!
Unfortunately, most people still don't see it; the Draco are killing us, altering our atmosphere, and taking over our planet. We better wake up peoples!