GiftGiver Writing Contest 1- 500 HP Delegation Reward + 20 SBI Units

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Ready for our first writing contest? We'll make it a simple one to ensure that as many people as possible can enter and potentially win.


First, let's talk prizes, what everyone definitely wants right?

  • First Place: 500 HivePower delegation for 30 days, and 5 SBI units on Hive.
  • Second Place: 5 SBI units on Hive.
  • Third Place: 3 SBI units on Hive.
  • Fourth-Tenth Place: 1 SBI unit each on Hive.
  • We'll also have random other prizes for others who enter.

What To Write About

For this contest, we want you to talk about your goals. Doesn't have to be much, just a small discussion about what your goals for the future are. Could be about any goal, life, how you want things to go on Hive, fitness. Just write about that. No minimum word count, no maximums word count. You have full freedom on how you want to write about it(could even be a poem).

How To Enter

To make entry as easy as possible, you just have to join our community, which you can do here on PeakD or here on Then just post your writing to the community(or you can crosspost it as well) to make it easy for us to find. Please be sure to tag your post with giftgiver as well.


Who's eligible to win? GiftGiver tries to help newer and smaller accounts out, and for that reason, we are limiting who's eligible to win. For this one, we don't have much. As long as your total HivePower is under 10,000 as of us reviewing, you are fine. If you have more than that, you can still enter, you just won't win the main prize. You can still get the random prize.


We are giving writers one full week to enter. Once this post pays out, entries will be closed. We will review all entries after that time and winners will be announced shortly afterwards. Then our next contest will be announced and you can win some more.


If you have any further questions, you can join us on our discord or check out the FAQ on our website.

Be sure to check out our new Hive faucet at


Just remember to give that a cross post into our community.

How can I do that?

If you use Peakd, you can hit the 3 dots by the number of comments:

Screen Shot 20200404 at 9.09.44 AM.png

then select the GiftGiver community since you are already subscribed and post and then you should be good.

Screen Shot 20200404 at 9.10.32 AM.png

OK, thanks! I'll do it now!

Yo! This is first of all amazing! And second of all, I am currently in the progress of writing a post about goals and my bucket list, it might be ready tomorrow! :D

Be sure to let your friends know about this as well. The more participants that we can get, the bigger and better prizes we can have in the long run.

Maybe I should write a post about this contest first and then the real goal post

Thanks for the post. Helps us out.

You are welcome :D

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BDvoter Team

Good morning, friends of @giftgiver

Thank you for this great opportunity for increasing my possibility to grow in this platform.

Here I let you my proposal for this contest.

Hi, this contest has already ended, but the next one has started, you can enter that one here:

Oh! I am sorry @giftgiver

I did not realize that the participation period had expired. Excuse me again