Major UPDATE! GINAbot is now a microservice app!

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Major UPDATE! GINAbot is now a Microservice App!!

@ginabot just got Better! Faster! Stronger! With New Features!!!

No more delayed notifications!

Gina's new features are now being beta-tested by a select group of users.

Over the past few months, I've been working to re-write @ginabot's code. I'm now proud to announce that Gina is a microservice app!!! Offering great flexibility, better performance, fault tolerance, easy bug fixing, and faster feature deployment!

In short: @ginabot is better than ever!

Originally this post was asking for beta-testers. Now Gina's upgrade has plenty of testers, so just give it a week (or less) and everyone will get to enjoy this Major Update!

What New Features are going to be Available?

Only for beta testers at the moment.

  • Vote Values and Post Rewards Display in STU Rather than $

    Let's start with the smallest! On most Steem front-ends you see your rewards under your post/comment indicated with a dollar sign which is misleading. It gives an impression that your post is worth $10 (because it is literally written there) but in reality, you have to share 25% of that amount with curators, and the rest will be divided between Steem Power and Steem Dollars (depending on your settings). In the end, you get more or less than $10 depending on the actual price of the Steem tokens. For this reason, I believe that it should be clearer that the amount displayed is not an actual USD value but so-called Steem Token Unit. (STU) From now on with every notification (when it is relevant) you will see the STU as "currency."

  • Change Preferred Platform On-the-fly

    Since the beginning @ginabot has allowed each user to choose their preferred platform for the links Gina sends (busy, steemit, etc). However, if your favorite site went down and the links don't work you had to manually replace the domain in the browser URL box after clicking. Even if you changed your preferred site, the links were already sent out, and there was no way to change them. Now, with the new system, you will be able to change your preferred platform at any time you want, and your links will always lead to the site you choose at your settings page. I accomplished this by proxying every link through and adding the desired domain on-the-fly when a new request comes in. Even if this approach adds a few milliseconds to the process of reaching your site, I think it worth the hassle.

  • Bug Fixes
    There are countless bugs in the old version which I couldn't fix as quickly as I wanted to, in the complex and tangled code... I think this time I wrote a much cleaner code and I will be able to track bugs easier. Only time will tell if I'm right!

  • A Better power Command
    It was a much-requested feature, so now the power command displays Steem Power as well. Also, I've made the bandwidth numbers a little easier to read with proper formatting of numbers and units (KiB, MiB, etc.)

  • Post Watch
    If you want to follow-up on a post, want to see from who, and what comments are being added, now you can "watch" a post with ease! All you have to do is copy the post URL, or the permalink and Gina will notify you when a new comment is left on your selected post! You can also watch for sub-comments!

That's all for now! Please, remember that the above features are only available to beta users at the moment. After a week of beta, I'll switch everyone to the new architecture let you all experience the joy of Gina's new notification engine.

Thank you for your time and if you like what I'm doing, don't forget to press the upvote button! :D


Nice job! Amazing updates! Gina makes your life so easy!

I really love the idea of "Post Watch" feature. Will be trying the beta-test now! :)

Thank you so much for all you do!!! I couldn't imagine life without my girl Gina here...although I hear she gets around, so I'm not sure I can call her mine haha

Yay! I knew you could do it, Gina!!!!!!!

Awesome tool @ginabot! Thanks for developing and improving it! Post watch is cool, much like subscribing to a post of a forum, only better.

You are the best!

Loving it! Thanks @breezin for dropping the link in the steemPunks Discord server !!

I'm so glad I finally started using @ginabot after ao long of missing out on notifications and all the other great features. Thanks guys!

I accidentally sent 0.501 SBD isntead of 0.001, please refund me

don't worry, i will return your coins but i'm not home yet. give me an hour or so. thanks :)

Thanks, I appreciate that!

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I have no words to praise your efforts. This is great. I'm going to try the beta version.

Nice job done. Looks like Ginabot is better then ever ... she really is a nice bot to have around.

Ginabot sir where are you from this appa

@ginabot, Nice job! It's gonna make our task easy.

Beta Testing now :)

@ginabot what is this ?all about... whatever I just loved it

Now it is Time to send a warm thankyou for your whole work! Gina is the one that I see every day 😉 and I am glad that she is always there showing me what's going on ! Good luck for the testing!

Would love to beta test - Gina is my hero!

I absolutely love what @ginabot does for me and it is the main reason I just cannot do away with discord ... even when my phone was injured I literally set my discord channels on mum's phone so I can never miss any notification. Ginabot makes steemit life so easy

Cool upgrades. Especially the vote values and post rewards display in STU. Can’t wait to try the new notification engine.

Nice, I'm going to join the beta testers right away!
Keep up the good work

beta testing done. Seem to be better compare to the previous one for now.
Command are easy to use and the waiting time also reduce a bit. Thank you @ginabot @neander-squirrel

Gina is bea. My STEEM journey has been this successful, thanks to @ginabot

Thank you @ginabot for keeping me updated on #steemit

Great development!

Thank you @ginabot for keeping me updated on #steemit

Great development!

great job

I learned about @ginabot through @votu, and it is my primary source for notifications.

Inarguably - the best Steemit/Discord notification application out there.
Discord goes where you go, desktop, mobile, ethernet, wifi, cellular. Never misses a beat.

This service is awesome.

Nice one Gina. What about notifications on when I've bought or sold STEEM/SBD on the steem market😀

How do I sign up?
Sounds great.

Will @ginabot work again? Since September 19 there is not a single message...

You should drop a message in #help channel or send me a DM.

One reason could be for your situation that you have disabled "Allow Direct Message from server members" in your Discord/Privacy & Safety settings. Or you do not share a server with GINA.

I went to the server - @ginabot was displayed online... Ie if I leave the server again - will it stop responding again? Do you have a desire to add a telegram communication interface? Discord is not the most awesome app...

Nice job! interesting

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Hi I'm new in steem and i like your blogs I'm so inspire with your blogs sir can you give me your one upvote.....