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RE: Easy GIPHY contest #2 | Enter for a chance to win 500 GIPHY tokens!

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LOL! Love this idea for a contest.

Hubby has been out of work because of an injury, and his latest paycheck (covered by disability insurance) was about 20% of what we expected, because there's some snafu with the paperwork.

So, here's my entry...

!giphy everything+is+fine


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OMG, @giphy - you must be psychic! That's exactly what I was thinking of!

!giphy-sticker perfect

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Another perfect one!

Almost forgot - I'm tagging @zord189, since he loooooves my giphy addition... 😂

We have a winner!!! This made me laugh so much. 500 GIPHY to our GIF queen @traciyork.

!giphy-tip 500

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WOO HOO! That's wicked awesome! Time for one of my customized GIFs...

contrabourdon, thank you.gif


!giphy you+rock

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