Contest Review : What is @girlsfoundation and What Program it Has?

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Hello Steemians,

The first one I want to share what is @girlsfoundation.

Well, @girlsfoundation is a project set up to enlighten young ladies of their norms and value, advocate for the girl-child, encourage and support them with volunteering.

To more know about @girlsfoundation, Please take Look Here

@girlsfundition with a humanitarian project called A Dollar A Day, where this project charitable project based on Blockchain.

@adollaraday has been doing a great job, even though Steem prices are down, it deligeth and managed over US$ equivalent to 17 great a project in 10 countries around the world.
In August Totally US$ equivalent of donation are given out topped $500 at $519.22, they also has :

• Increasing number of project receiving daily donation (15), increasing number of Steemians donationed STeem or SBD (34).
• Increasing number of delegation to the @adollaray account (12).
• Increasing number of witnesses becaming witness support of the project (8).

The data I took from Here

During August A Dollar a Day has been distributed 507 SBD (!7 % increase on July).Which was the equivalent of US$ 19.22 (1 % increase on July). Where 15 different project in 9 different Countries received. Beside that @adollaraday also received donation from some Steemians.

Here's some documentation

when @girlsfoundation was visited to the orphanage.

On the 13th June 2018 @girlsfoundations was visited to Enlighten Ladies

On the 19th July 2018 Visited the school where the students graduation and gifts to the best graduating of student.


@girlsfoundations also distributions of material to assist educational sector.

If You wan to know about this contest, please KLIK HERE

Hopefully more people care to each others, Success for the Project, and Thanks a lot @girlsfoundation and @faetee for let's review and share about Girls Foundation.

Taiwan, September 4th, 2018

Warm Regards




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Btw @girlsfoundation khusus cewek2 ya ?

Cuma review kog Mba @santiintan
Mereka punya program memang keren.

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Sukses untuk kontesnya mba

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