Steem Power Giveaway #9 - Completely Free!

in #giveaway7 years ago

I'm giving away a total of 50 SP!

It's that time again! As I have to write a large check for rent and give it to the landlord on the first of every month, I reckon I will also give money away to Steemians as that feels way better inside.

What's the catch?

Nothing. There is no catch. I've been lucky to have found this community and able to contribute and add value. So this is my way of saying thanks to the community.

A small catch.

Instead of giving you STEEM directly, I will instead power it up to your account. Haha. Basically, I am forcing you to believe in Steem. =P But who knows? Maybe Steem will go the way of Bitcoin and you'll be glad. However, if you really want to, you may power it down, your choice.

Great! Sign me up!

Simple rules (Slow the Scroll!

  • Set a profile picture if you don't already have it. It's super easy and I had even submitted a code change to add the Settings menu item! At least set it to something generic if you want to keep it generic.
  • And leave a comment to complete the following (can be as long/short/introspective/simple/funny/serious/anything as you want): Steemit is ________________


  • Only the first 100 will be eligible. I don't want to divide it up too much. (If there are others with extra STEEM to share, I would encourage you to spread the love as well, following this.) If there are less than 100 participants, then the 50 SP will be divided up evenly among the participants.
  • Please check the number of submissions before trying to enter. If there are already 100, I'm sorry. But you may still leave a comment if you have thoughts or anything else.
  • One submission per person.
  • Giveaway ends after the post payout, in about 7 days, for easy checking.
  • Please follow all rules! I would hate to not count a submission for this.


  • Now that we have the feature, resteem to spread the love! Let's see how many Steemians we can reach!


Follow me! @bitcoiner


And vote for my witness bitcoiner!

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Steemit is professional,reliable and the best way to improve and impact positively in people and their way of life. I love STEEMING!!

steemit is revolutionary! And will with time expand into our group conciousness!

We here at would appreciate it if you stopped using our intellectual property in the form of copying our website logo. Thank you.

Cease and desist notification, timestamped here since you offer no point of contact for

Steemit is better than facebook ;/

Steemit is great ! Didn't you know ?


Am I in now ?

i made a special thanking post including you as special ..please check in my blog

i want do this, but i don't know how @bitcoiner ??

Steemit is, an amazing and a positivity booster in a world ruled by social media, it alone stands to improve upon the massive unbalance we know today that only makes a handful of people money when they do little to provide in the content that is making them money in the first place. You the content creater can now create content and that can have value and add to the world a great system of communication and skill in whatever you are interested in today, steem on and feel worth something more!!!

Steemit is a much needed tool in the pursuit of a more fair global wage structure.

Steemit is a place where I can be my authentic self and inspire others!

Steemit is the only blogging social media I use, and has gotten high on my platform priority. Definitely moving away from the likes of Facebook and such. In fact, FB, is a glorified calendar for me these days.

And definitely I believe in Steem, moreso than BTC in a way, as it actually has a product backing it. It remains to be seen, but I don't think it'll be valueless any time soon.

Steemit is amazing with people like you forming a great community
It really makes me happy to see that you are willing to give back to the community despite the hardships you and all of us have to face throughout our life like rent.

I recently tried to do my part on giving back and I set up a $20 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. It isn't much compared to this but it is the least I could do haha

Thanks for this @bitcoiner and I hope you have a great day! :)

Steemit is powering me up with every post I made. :-)

Steemit is a life saver!

Steemit is the Future of Social Media and will end censorship all over the world!

steemit is going to be in top10 at coinmarketcap soon

steemit is the reason why I m not sleeping at 2am :D

Steemit is awesome! :)

Steemit is the way of the future!

Steemit is a size but i'm not sure the exact size because i'm out of bananas

Steemit is blog. :)

And blog is Steemit ;)

Steem is super wonderfull platform for me..more wonderfull if i can have your SP😂

Steemit is awesome sauce!

Thank you sir for vote me up

Steemit is... always open in my browser.
(But it doesn't seem to notify me of new stuff in my feed as reliably as it used to so I just refresh a lot).

Steemit is a great platform where i find best content and can give more than just a "like" to the contributor!

Steemit is the first social network that lets you earn cryptocurrency.

Steemit is like water, it's take the shape you want, it's professional but you can also have fun on it. Steemit is also the media of the future and i'm so happy to be here with so kind people like you @bitcoiner.

Steemit is awesomely beautiful. I'm already in love

Steemit is totally awesome! Where else can you earn by posting and have so much fun doing it?

Thank you!

Steemit is LOVE. Anyone using Steemit just once will absolutely fall in love.

Steemit is GREAT!

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Thanks for info

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Steemit is great time killer.

Steemit is the platform of the future!

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Steemit is your vessel, you are the captain!

Steemit is the Next Big Thing!. I love life and I love Steemit.

Steemit is going higher and higher, am seeing its market value compete with bitcoin sooner than expected.

Nice move... I love steemit, it's turning me into a writer already😀😀😀😀

Steemit is like the wife I never had.

Steemit is substantially sweeter, subjectively speaking, somewhat sublime. so said Steemians .Subverting systems they spoke freely - speech shared synergistically - something scarcely seen! satisfaction as savings supercede sadness. Soliloquies so superb - some squealed sixfold.

Steemit is turning more and more engaging as every day pass. I spend a lot of time on steemit than any other platform. Glad to discover and jump on the wagon(steemit) earlier :)

Really looking forward for a rewarding experience and see steemit grow!

Steemit is the mutts nuts, whoop whoop!

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