Hive onboarding Twitter giveaway - 2000 Hive Power for new users - Results

in #giveaway2 years ago

A week ago, I announced on Twitter to give away 2000 Hive Power to new users.
The deadline was yesterday, and here are the happy winners!


500 Hive Power will be vested to:

Congratulations! Enjoy the vote slider, and use your new weight to stand out and build your network!

In addition, a 500 HP delegation for at least three months goes out to @barnumpt1 for failing the task of an introduction post but seeming like a cool guy.


Congratulations to @mia-original, @sulayr, @marcellino1945, @yourmuziclyrics and @barnumpt1. Wery nice done of you @pharesim! :)

Damn, I found that post of @barnumpt1 pretty interesting. Have been a fan of Chico Crypto for a long time, but having a post like this is to sum everything up + bonus is just a great read :D

Thanks for the kind words. There will be more stories in the weeks to come.

Ahhhh Sure Im Won ?😂😂

I just wanted to shill my story but I guess it turned out better than expected.

The support is much appreciated. It will be put to good use.

Thank you @pharesim. Definitely a happy winner, this made my day :D

Congratulations to every winner, good work there

Congratulations to everyone 🎉

👍 Probably the first giveaway I see for minnows on hive - hope this will set some examples to make this place better.

Thanks a lot @pharesim. Congrats to the other winners

Congratulations guys 🎉🎉
Continue to be enthusiastic about creative content
Thank for attention @pharesim

Woot! @barnumpt1 failing upwards = )

Thank you very much for this award. It will be a great start for my journey here on Hive 🤗 Congrats to all 🍾

Congratulations to everyone Hive on !

it is really great idea to promote new commer well done @pharesim

This is motivation!