Get free BTC and $16 in CHSB with SwissBorg

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Get free BTC and $16 in CHSB with SwissBorg

What is SwissBorg?

 SwissBorg is a Bitcoin price prediction app. You earn points by participating in the prediction of either "up" or "down" for Bitcoin's price over the next 24 hrs. You win points and can also win BTC for being correct. You can earn up to 1750 CHSB (equivalent to about $16 USD at today's rates) by spending a few seconds each day placing your prediction.


  1. Ensure you are on the list of eligible countries (US is NOT eligible)
  2. Download the app here:
  3. Use code JZ6TSPI upon signup for 3000 bonus points!
  4. Verify email, phone, complete registration
  5. Make your first prediction, check back daily to repeat to earn more points/badges for more CHSB.


 $16 may not seem like a lot for interacting with this app for a few seconds each day, but it's actually one of the highest paying things you can do with just a few seconds of your attention if you do the math and compare.

Where is SwissBorg getting the money to pay you for doing this? This data will be used to improve their Wealth Management app due for release in early 2020. So the value of the tokens you are earning could rise if they succeed and people use their product. Earning BTC for free is a great deal too!

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